Thrifting The Trends: AW/19 - Dark Arts

You know the feeling when there's a trend that inspires you more than the rest? That's me every time something remotely rock vibed comes in fashion. So it probably comes as no surprise that I was really excited to see things along the title's vibe hitting the runways. I also love that Vogue called it Dark Arts because that's very Hogwarts of them. Unlike usually, this time I'm doing two looks for the trend. I saw too much inspiration to do just one, so you'll get two for the price of one. Dark Arts trend is the kind of punk-vibed, rock-inspired trend that is expected to be a thing at some point this season, in case the title isn't descriptive enough. 

If you didn't follow this series on Spring and Summer, this is a series where I take trends predicted on fashion week, and show you how to recreate the looks or the trends for less, with items you may already have in your closet. I'm not allowed to buy brand new items for this unless I get it from a thrift store and I can't buy for this at all unless they are things I would buy regardless. As an inspiration, I use the Vogue article here and Pantone article here. The Pantone colors can also be found in this Pinterest post if you prefer more mobile-friendly guide to colors.

office look blue blazer

The first look is kind of a sister for the blazer look you saw in the previous Thrifting The Trends post (click!), but the darker one. This could very well represent the leather trousers trend too, so it's a multitasker for sure. But then again, that's how I prefer my items, so that I can wear them multiple different ways. No point in putting your hard-earned money into something that isn't versatile. Know your worth, babes!

blue blazer style
how to style a blazerrock chic shoes

Blazer: secondhand (originally H&M) Pants: Gina Tricot Body: Zadaa (originally Red Label) Shoes: Truffle Collection Necklace: H&M Bracelets: Gina Tricot Rings: MintMONGOOSE, Coconut Lane

As you can see, this one is very office-oriented one, which works for me because I've been trying to channel a boss babe vibe in order to believe in it more and therefore to be more productive. It may sound silly but for me, looking the part makes me feel and act more like the part. Does anyone else get like that? Anyway, this blazer is one of my favorite thrift finds, the color is not only something I love, but also perfect for working in the company I do currently. I love how this shade of blue looks with black, in my opinion it makes a really cool combo. Especially with black faux leather. 

how to style a blue blazer
blue blazer outfit

I felt this one was quite the boss babe look, and will most likely wear it or a variation of it again this season. I've been loving dressing more office-appropriate lately and I blame at least half of it to my friend Vita who's been showing off classy looks on her Instagram, and the other half is more or less inspired by Dynasty reboot, because Fallon Carrington's style is a mood and a half.

fall look with plaid

For the second look, I more or less duped a look I saw in the Vogue article, where there was a lady in red plaid shawl/coat with minimal clothing under it. That one had a matching hat which I don't, but you could throw a black or white hat on it and call it a day. I wore one of my favorite basic combos under the shawl, leaving the legs bare apart for tights, and belting the shawl into shape. 

plaid style for fallplaid shawl lookdr. martens

Shawl/scarf: Gina Tricot Belt: Zadaa (originally Veniz) Top: secondhand (originally Saints & Mortals Skirt: Zadaa (originally Forever 21) Necklace: H&M Bracelets: Gina Tricot Rings: MintMONGOOSE, Coconut Lane Boots: Dr. Martens

I loved the contrast the rough boots give to the look - and if you didn't know, shoes like this are extremely trendy now too, although I love them regardless, trendy or not. They had rough shoes in the inspiration pic too so that goes perfectly to the theme. I really love having this kind of fashion popping up now, because especially nice shoes are hard to come by for me for a reasonable price and them being in trend helps to get a good pair of boots or two. And, when something is trendy, people also purge them out from their closets into thrift stores in case they don't like the trend, so I'm expecting to find a few gems from Zadaa this season. 

how to style plaid for fallautumn plaid outfit

What do you think about this trend/these looks? Let me know in the comments!

It did take a few days to get this post up, but I hope you're okay with a couple of days break in posts. I've had a ton on my plate and despite having pictures ready, sitting down and writing has been a challenge. But now that I'm on it, I will edit through the next post as well so that you won't go without content the coming week as I know I'll be busy until Friday, at least. Anyway, if you like seeing more from me, I'm active daily on my Instagram (@silvertigo), so that's the best place to spot me. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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