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Since I took a few days off from writing, today I'm combining Support Sunday and Makeup Monday (but yet posting on Tuesday, sorry for confusing everyone!) to share not only my tips and tricks to wearing colorful makeup, but also a youtuber that inspires my makeup a lot. If that's something you'd love to hear, keep on reading!

shanexjeffree blue look
So, how to get to wearing colorful makeup? Below are tips I fully believe in, all of which are probably mentioned by most people who wear a little more colorful looks. They are all something I've tried and approved, so it's not all just talk.

Start off slow

Especially if you're not too experienced with makeup, very colorful looks may be more challenging to make cute whereas many neutrals kind of blend out nicely more naturally. If  you don't know where to start experimenting with colors, I would recommend inner corner, liquid liner, and  lower lash line as points to start adding color to, as they will look nice with otherwise neutral looks, and they will also still help you figure out what colors you truly like on your face. Of course, you can go all-in right away, but you're more likely to love the colorful looks easier if you go bit by bit into it.

See what compliments you and/or makes you happy when you wear it

I will never come here telling you what colors you can or cannot wear, because that mostly depends on what you really like, but I will tell you to try different ones out to find your favorites. I'm surprisingly fond of blue which is never recommended for green eyes and probably doesn't compliment my skin's undertone the most, but I've never really cared about rules when it comes to my looks. And you shouldn't either. Whatever color on your face makes you happy, wear it. No matter what anyone else says. And those colors can be your go-tos, which you then can wear with some new ones to find color combos you love. 

If you're unsure, do first looks with one color but many shades

Meaning: go all green, all blue etc. This is for those of you who feel unsure about creating combos, it's so much easier to start with different shades of the same color. Make sure to have variation in darkness and texture though, to make it more interesting. Dark in the outer corner, light for blending, medium for all over the lid, shimmer in the inner corner - for example. But you can experiment with all that.

daytime glam

Swatch things at store first and check out tutorials/reviews to find your match

It's helpful to know how things will look against your skin and how the formulas feel and look before buying. That's why I love swatching things if I can before trying a new brand, so I won't make an uninformed purchase. I also love checking out reviews and asking people's opinions about products before buying if I'm unsure about the product. Also, if I'm too unsure even with research, I won't get the product. The offering in the makeup industry is infinite, if one thing doesn't work for you there's always a next one.

Learn how formulas work

This is a very important one. So often I see people not wanting to go the extra mile for trying a couple of different techniques to make especially eyeshadow to work. For example, pressed pigment often likes packing and soft blending for the best results, while a more traditional shadow formula works often better layering little by little. Some colors pop best applied with a clean finger, others want a dense brush, one needs wetted brush. It's about trial, error, researching and learning. If you're not willing to put that work in at all, you just can't become that good with different colors. It's taken me years to learn even with all the info available, you won't be any different. Unless you're a natural genius, then you may learn much faster. 

Use primer

Always use primer, with anything you put on your skin. Period. Primer not only makes things look better but also it makes them last longer. Especially with eye makeup. I prefer sticky base with colorful makeup, but that is a bit of a taste thing. Except with most of the shades you need to pack on, they definitely love a sticky base more. Primer also makes the colors more vibrant and often balances the texture in case that's needed, so that's another reason to love it.

Jawbreaker swacthes

Have good brushes

And this doesn't mean you have to have the expensive, fancy brushes to have good ones. You can find good ones on Amazon for very affordable pricing that work better than high-end designer ones. I personally highly recommend Real Techniques as a brand, they make fantastic synthetic brushes and I use their brushes every single day when I do makeup. They're not super expensive, but they make everything blend and build up nicely. Find ones that work seamlessly with your preferred makeup products, and it makes doing makeup so much more fun.

Keep the focus either on lips or in eyes for most balanced results

This is a rule I break every so often, but when starting out, it's easiest to look like you know what you're doing when you keep either lips or the eyes on fairly neutral side. That way, you'll most likely be more confident wearing it and it doesn't feel so all over the place. However, when you become more confident, you can actually pick a shade from the eyelook and and match a colorful lip to it or do a soft colorful look to support a bold statement lip. It's a learning curve, but definitely doable.

Have fun, makeup doesn't actually have rules

Most important tip of them all. Have fun, experiment, create. Too many people walk around telling what you can or can not do with makeup. And you don't have to listen to anyone. If you want to wear unusual color combos, do it. If someone says they would never wear the look, let them, be wear the look anyway. That's what I do, and I constantly have fun with it and that attracts like-minded people. And that's what I love about makeup.

Speaking of like-minded people, I really want to share with you a creator who constantly inspires me to be brave and bold with my makeup. That lady is called Angelica Nyqvist, and she has a wonderful YouTube channel - my favorite one actually - as well as a very bomb Instagram account. Below you can find one of my personal favorite videos from her, where Angelica shares her best tips on making colorful makeup look amazing. I highly, highly recommend checking the video out.

Also, if you find her interesting, you can check her YouTube channel here (and subscribe, of course!), and her Instagram here (and you know, give her a follow). She does reviews, tutorials, vlogs and my favorite of them all "Going on the wishlist or nah" series. The series mentioned has saved me from FOMO countless times and I find it easier to just get few palettes I really desire instead of wanting them all. I also love her shading some of the brands and palettes, her sense of humor is just super entertaining!

Do you have a tip to add? Share them in the comments!

That's it for today, and I'll be back with a food post on Thursday. It's one you won't want to miss if you love sweet treats! In the meantime, you can go follow me on Instagram, where I share daily looks and more - and all sorts of randomness in stories when I feel like it. You can find me as @silvertigo. I'll see you in my next post!

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