2019 Recap

It's the time of the year again to go through my bucketlist of 2019 and see all that happened and didn't happen. I had a rough end of the year with a family member passing suddenly in September, and it definitely affected my final 4 months of the year. Therefore I didn't manage to be as productive as I would've hoped, but I have been feeling better now which I hope will result into more balanced and more productive days. 

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Now, to the recap. The things highlighted with pink are things I got done more or less during the year. And whatever I don't have done, I don't feel too bad about, there's always new year to try to achieve things. 

So, what did I get done?
  • Get into more minimalistic lifestyle Still could and will do better next year
  • Learn to reduce the amount of waste you produce Same as above, can improve
  • Learn to maintain your personal style more sustainable way Haven't been shopping a ton, and tried to buy most second-hand
  • Get back into downhill skiing
  • Go swimming in natural water
  • Enjoy midsummer bonfire
  • Go to a festival John Smith was fun
  • See Amaranthe live at least once This may have ended up being 3 times...
  • Create at least 10 Halloween posts (Last year I pushed myself a lot with the posts, this year I may take a notch easier)
  • Meet more people IRL For a home-body, this has been a challenge but I feel I've been more social than in years
  • Get a ringlight My man came through with this one for Christmas 
  • Get back into postcrossing 
  • Draw/paint more It's not been a ton but something 
  • Learn to cook something new every month This has come quite naturally to us to be honest
  • Spend more time in nature This could still be done more, not gonna lie.
  • Get more into gluten-free baking Again, it's not a ton but at least something
  • Find a skin care routine that supports your no-foundation goals This is still an on-going journey, hopefully one day I can get by 
  • Make Valentine's Day plans Both this year and next year the plans are to see Amaranthe
  • Get cat-safe houseplants and learn how to keep them alive
  • Go hiking
  • Do something bold and new I've done many, one mentionable being planning a girls' trip with a dear friend
  • Try a new drink
  • Declutter everything I own, again (Less unnecessary things = more relaxed mind) Done, but also this is something I should do more regularly in smaller bits.
  • Remember to tell people what they mean to you It's easy to forget this but I try my best to show it.
  • Learn to win your anxieties a little more Anxiety may be something I'll struggle with forever, but this year has been teaching I can overcome it when needed
  • Appreciate your sleeping time more (a.k.a. learn a better night-time routine) Sometimes I do well, sometimes I'm lousy with this, but it's sure gotten better
  • Go to a concert I did, to several ones
  • Grow Instagram organically to 10 000 followers (This is quite a big challenge, but I believe I have enough to give to that many people care about my posts)
  • Learn to use Pinterest more as a blogging tool
  • Define your blogging niche better
  • Be more consistent blogger
  • Learn new techniques/tips about nail art
  • Learn new techniques/tips about makeup Talking with my friend Vita, I've learned so much about products and I feel that has been a game-changer
  • Get your business degree This will happen by Spring 2021, mark my words.
  • Knit/crochet something to keep the skill alive Heavuly got into this again. I love creating by hands.
  • Learn to make more vegan treats
  • Take better care for your body Eating better, sleeping better, hydrating…. Done.
  • Go skiing
  • Get a new laptop/tablet (for blogging purposes)  
  • Have a girls' night Thanks to Pia-Maria for a theatre night, that was amazing.
  • Have a dream date
  • Get as plastic-free as you can
  • Start recycling more
  • Decorate properly for Halloween
  • Stick to a workout routine
  • Get a lighting part to the camera
  • Enjoy cozy nights at home My favorite thing in the World, really.
  • Try to teach the cat a trick or two He knows how to "high-five" and "go up"
  • Say something positive to at least 5 people every day (online or preferably in real life) I really try to say nice things to people when there's a reasonable chance because you can't bring too much positivity in the world
  • Be happy Always. 
I'd say I did decently with my list, sure I could've done more but also I'm proud of everything I got done. Next year, the list will be shorter since I know I have projects I need to focus on long times so I can't do as many other things. 2021 might be another story, but since I'm adapting to a midset where there are less but more meaningful things, I think less but better goals is a good idea as well.

How did you do with your New Year's promises / yearly goals? Share with me in the comments!

That's all for today, but tomorrow I'll share my new goals for the new year. So stay tuned and come back to see those as well as to share your new goals, dreams and promises. For the little NYE shenanigans I'll have, I'm spilling the tea on my Instagram later today, so follow me (@silvertigo) and see what we are up to as far as celebrations go. I'll see you again tomorrow!

Happy New Year (and decade) lovelies ♥

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