2020 Goals

New year, new opportunities, new goals.

As the decade starts and new one begins, as well as my 30th birthday drawing closer and closer, it feels like the perfect time to set some goals, less than before but maybe more meaningful ones in a way. So for the year 2020, I'm setting myself 30 (+1) goals I intend to achieve during the year. Some are easy and I know they'll come through, some require quite a bit of work. But that's the fun of it. (The picture is the same as yesterday, don't mind that!)

Cat playing

Here's my list of goals for the year:
  • Get back into downhill skiing
  • Go swimming in natural water
  • Enjoy midsummer bonfire 
  • Create 10 Halloween posts (and start preparing early)
  • Draw more
  • Find a skin care routine that works for your skin well
  • Get cat-safe houseplants and learn how to keep them alive
  • Go hiking or otherwise spend more time in nature
  • Create content that inspires you on Instagram and blog
  • Try to get into TikTok
  • Learn to use Pinterest more as a blogging tool
  • Define your blogging niche better
  • Be more consistent blogger
  • Learn new techniques/tips about nail art
  • Get enough study points to be enrolled back to school's degree studies (I actually don't have that far to go anymore with this!)
  • Finish you thesis (one of the biggest workloads on the list)
  • Learn to bake more things gluten-free (and vegan whenever reasonable)
  • Go on a girls' trip
  • Eat less junk and more healthy options 
  • Get as plastic-free as you can
  • Start recycling more
  • Stick to a workout routine
  • Get a lighting part to the camera
  • Go to a music festival
  • Celebrate 30th birthday memorably
  • Knit a sweater
  • Try out macramee
  • Do at least partial declutter of the things you own
  • Buy less, create more (to help you save up more money)
  • Remember to tell people you care about that you really do
  • Be happy

Do you have New Year's resolutions and/or goals for the year? Share them in the comments!

That's what I have for you for the first post of the year, I'm not entirely sure what  my next post will be, but it might just be a nail art one on Friday. No promises though. It might also be one on Sunday about another inspiring person I think you should all know something about since that one I know will be up for sure. I'm overall feeling really good about this year, and I hope that indicates it will be successful and fun. For more content, I recommend followind my Instagram @silvertigo, as I post all sorts of things there - currently I'm doing a 31-day song challenge on my Story section in case you're interested in that, and at the end of the month we'll make collab content with my bestie so I definitely recommend you to stay tuned for that! I'll see you all on my next post on Friday or - the latest - on Sunday. 

Have a lovely day 

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