How to Pack 6-day Trip in Carry-On Luggage

Today I'm wanting to write about something I'm not an expert in, but I figured someone out there might get some use out of this. I'm sharing how I packed for a 6-day trip in the middle of winter with just carry-on luggage and one personal item. And let me be honest, it was challenging.


If you follow me on any platform and/or know me in real life, you know I don't travel a lot. I'm a homebody who loves the regular luxuries of their own home too much to really go anywhere. However, my bestie asked me to plan a concert trip with her, and that was a good enough reason for me to go anywhere. So we started planning few days' trip just us girls, and this trip would be a first true girls only type of trip I've ever done so far. I've always had a family member or boyfriend with me before so this is a very welcome new experience.

I won't share my itinerary too detailed here or anywhere for obvious reasons, but we are staying in two different countries in Europe, few days each. For my part, the traveling includes flying which brings  a set of challenges to the packing process - which I'll talk more in detail later. I thought an adult should be able to fit the necessities and then some into two bags so I decided not to invest in a checked in bag. I could always get one on the way home if absolutely necessary, but also I'm positive I can stay within the limits somewhat easily. A carry-on bag would also be easier to work with in case there is walking with the bag or anything unpredictable. Also I thought that in case I have to switch planes or anything, I can be myself 100% accountable for my things.


So, what am I packing for the trip? Really basic stuff all in all, clothes, some cosmetics, travel documents and gifts for the band we're seeing. And some snacks since I am gluten-free and have to have something to keep  my sugar levels decent while also being safe with the food. There's no point to really go through each item, but in a simplified list, here's what I have with me:

- Personal hygiene products apart from deodorant since I can buy one after landing
- Makeup, liquids being minimized to the smallest amount possible
- Clothes, socks and underwear for all days, outfits can be put together from 2 pants, 3 shirts, 2 cardigans and one blazer.
- One special outfit for concert
- Gifts for a band
- Clothes for sleeping/chilling on a night in
- My medicine, passport and wallet
- Travel documents and some snacks

I'm leaving so much stuff from my bag, mostly because of the lack of space, but also because the flight limits me quite a bit. The biggest challenges about packing were to not go over the limit of liquid, and then to not go over the weight limit. The space in the bag wasn't that much of an issue because I like to think I am somewhat efficient of a packer. Also, makeup removers I simply left out because I have a darling friend who promised to borrow me things. 

liquids on airplane

The damn liquids in the plane are honestly my nightmare. Sure, I probably packed extra, and sure, I probably counted something as liquid that isn't, but better safe than sorry, right? Above is how my bag looks like, and I honestly even gave up on having deodorant there because I can buy one at the destination just for the few days if I somehow can't bring it back home. (I know it's wasteful thinking, don't worry, it's not my usual way to do things!)

Packing my life of few days in this small space was a challenge, but on the other hand I would definitely do this again when traveling. The thought about not having to check in a bag, not having to worry about the luggage getting lost because you yourself have to keep it in check and overall packing as light as possible are all motivating to learn to pack even less when going abroad. If I weren't going with a friend who loves makeup too, I would have even less of the cosmetic products. My best tip for anyone trying to pack lightly, try packing it all up few days before, and see if you still can figure out some things to left out, some things that could double for something else and help you pack one instead of two and so on. Leave yourself time to reconsider your packing if possible.

victorias secret travelpacking

Do you have any pro packing trips? Share them below in the comments!

That's all for today, and while you are seeing this post live, I'm already in a different part of Europe. If you want to see some highlights of the trip as real-timed as possible, follow my Instagram @silvertigo for that! I'll be sharing things here and there and possibly doing a blog post or two afterwards (but with phone pics because I'm traveling without a big camera). I'll see you all in my next post soon!

Have a lovely day 🖤

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