Jeffree Star Holiday Mystery Box 2019

Hey my babes! The inconsistent blogger friend here trying to make a consistent week out of this one. Not sure if we'll make it into one but we'll see. I have potentially four posts planned for this week and hopefully, they're all be out as planned. I want to start the week by talking about Jeffree Star Mystery Box, which I finally received so I can actually talk about it properly.

jsc mystery box

Some of you may wonder why on earth write about this now, two months after the launch. Because I only got mine last week. On 14th, to be exact. Shipping from the US to Finland is naturally a bit of a long process, but I do think the shipping was still extremely slow - and not only from the company's end, but really also on the postal service's end on every single country and especially in Finland. But that's okay, I'm a patient girl.

The launch of the mystery box itself was huge, and since they launched a 5-year anniversary collection and more at the same time, the store was crazy busy at the launch (also it was around Thanksgiving/Black Friday so you can imagine everyone wanting to score deals). This led to Shopify being slow and difficult which is not uncommon with bigger Jeffree Star Cosmetics launches, but my boyfriend got lucky and was able to snatch the big box for me. At that point, we thought the box would be here around Christmas even if it said shipping would take 10 workdays.

It took more. Within some days, the company sent out emails telling they would ship things by 19th the latest, which was when we started realizing it would arrive a tad after Christmas. But eventually, it took until the 14th of January to be ready to be picked up from the post office. But that's how it sometimes goes with big launches and international shipping. This is not to throw shade on JSC, but to share an experience that maybe wasn't perfect but I'm hopeful the launches will improve at some point. I understand exponential growth of the brand last year may come with issues but that could happen with any brand that isn't owned by a large international corporation. 

When the box finally got to me, I was very curious to see what's inside, mainly because there were stories about people not getting the exclusive Peppermint Frost highlighter palette which was one of the selling points of the biggest box. And since we were one of the people who got refunded (so basically just paid shipping and customs for the products), I was sure I wouldn't be getting one. 

So, what actually was in the box? I'll share mine below:

peppermint frostpeppermint frostpeppermit frost palettepeppermint frost swatches

Much to my surprise and delight, the Peppermint Frost was there. It's super cute, really shiny and smells like peppermint. It's a perfect wintertime highlighter, but rest assured, I'll be wearing it all year round. I will probably talk about this more in some future post when I've gotten to use it a little.

thirsty palettejeffree star thirsty paletteThirsty swatchesthirsty glitter swatches

The box contained a Thirsty Palette, which recently was announced to be discontinued together with Alien, so I was really happy to get one. Especially the glitter shades are absolutely stunning. Swatching these, I thought all the shades perform well maybe apart from the yellow, which is a little chalky but bright shades can be that way I've noticed. I would do a better review with this later on, but since it will be discontinued I don't think it will make too interesting content. Maybe I'll do a post with inspiration on how to use it if you already own it, in case you're interested in that. Also, sorry if the quality of the swatches is off, I had to take them from my phone after completely forgetting to take some on my camera.

supreme frostsupreme frostsupreme frost swatch

Next up is a full-sized Supreme Frost Highlighter in shade Caramel Kiss. The Supreme Frost formula was all new to me, and unlike my favorite highlighter Skin Frost, this one is glittery. The shade may not be the best for my skin tone in wintertime due to me being a super pale person, but I see this being a nice addition to my festival makeup and I assume it would be a great eyeshadow topper.

jsc lipsticksjsc lipstick swatches

The box included two lippies, one in shade First Class which is a metallic gold shade, and Soft Serve which is a cute nude pink with a hint of coral to it. They are both lovely shades, possibly not what I would pick up myself as I don't really wear metallics currently and I have quite a bit of soft pinks and nudes as it is. However, I can see myself using them both, Soft Serve on lips as it is and First Class more as an eyeliner (JSC lippies are safe for eyes so they can be used for eye makeup).

jeffree star hoodie

At first, I honestly thought this was a tee shirt. My happiness when I realized it's a hoodie instead was something else. I love that it's a black one with purple details and that we got it sized up so it's super comfy. I prefer my hoodies somewhat oversized so the size of this is pretty much perfect. 

jsc straw

To my shame, I must admit I haven't yet caught up with the trend of reusable straws, much because I don't use straws a ton, but also because I have quite a stash of plastic straws at home I've hoarded over the years and I rather use them up a bit before getting more plastic straws. Having this peppermint one (and the cleaner that came along) to start up the collection is really motivating though, and I believe that at some point I will have a nice selection of straws that can be reused.

jsc stickers

Last but not least are these super cute stickers that are in a tattoo style, and all in Jeffree Star theme. I don't know yet if I'll save these for art use (I dream of having a beauty corner at some point), or whether I'll make friends' gifts cuter with them, but time will tell. For now, I'll store them in a drawer and keep them from getting anything spilled on them and so on. 

I was happy with everything I received and I know I will get use out of each one. You know my makeup style is a little out there, so having unordinary shades suits my vibe quite well. I would've actually enjoyed even more outrageous lip shades but to be fair I can buy them on my own as well. I have nothing too bad to say about the box really, it was a nice Christmas gift even little after Christmas and I feel honored my boyfriend even thought of getting me one. He's a true one.

All in all, despite the launch issues and long delivery time, I think this was a great gift for me. My JSC collection isn't the hugest, so the chance of duplicates is quite slim especially in everything but palettes. If you are a fan of Jeffree himself or his brand and don't own too much yet, I'd say the mystery boxes (or alternatively Beautylish Jeffree Star Lucky Bags) are a good way to broaden the collection if you have trouble choosing what you want and/or can wear pretty much anything since you like trying variety of things. In that case, the value of the box is good for you. However, if you have a very specific style and you know exactly the type of things you like and use or your JSC collection is already big, I would rather stalk for sales and deals for the specific things you'd like to get. It's more affordable and easier than trying to get lucky with the mystery bundles. I would possibly like to try the Beautylish bag at the end of this year, but until I see how the JSC site and warehouses handle the bigger launches, I might buy my next JSC products from other official retailers just to get my purchases just a little faster. 

Have you tried any kind of cosmetics mystery boxes? If so, how was your experience? Let us all know in the comments.

That's it for today, but hopefully another post will be up on Wednesday. Like mentioned, I'm trying to get four posts up this week but we'll see how I will succeed on that. Nevertheless, I recommend you to follow me on Instagram because starting on Wednesday I should have a bit of different content there for few days - especially on my stories - and I can't wait to share more with you! So head on to my account @silvertigo and stay tuned for more. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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