Reviewing Products I Got For My Birthday - A Very Late B-Day Haul

Another post in the series of posts I planned for June but life got in the way - a little haul/review of things I got for my birthday. This is not absolutely everything I got, it's, for example, missing what my bestie got me (candy, gorgeous top, stunning necklace, very special card etc.) among few other things, but some of them are so personal I don't really want to put them for the whole internet to see. With these, I'm okay for anyone to take a look so here we go. Most of these are from my boyfriend who absolutely spoiled me for the quarantine birthday this year.

birthday haul

So here's the overlook of the things, and in case you're not about Jeffree Star products, most of this won't be for you and I might suggest you catch the next post instead (after maybe reading the first half of this post, haha). 

gift cards

I got a couple of gift cards, one to yarn shop and one to the store I buy quite a bit of my cosmetics from. I have actually already used the yarn gift card already, and what I got is something I'll go more into in a future post. The cosmetics one is still untouched, as I'm waiting for the perfect things to hit the store.

Birthday haul

As for the rest of the non-makeup things, I got lounging pants, cozy shirt, coffee mug and the one missing physical Amaranthe album as well as a backup for the one I have in well-loved cardboard packaging. While I listen digital copies 99,9% of the time, I still love collecting the physical copies from my favorite bands and I'm hoping one day I have a home where I can beautifully display them. The mug is actually on my table as I'm typing this post, so it's definitely in good use all the time. 

JSC makeup

And here are the cosmetics, three palettes, three lippies and a bonus facemask. Below, I talk about the makeup a little more, whereas the mask is still waiting for me to use it as I've been using few of my older ones first.

JSC lippies

The three lippies are all something I've craved to have in my collection, especially Weirdo (the black lipstick). Below are some thoughts of each of them and the swatches.

Area 51

The bullet lippie is from the Alien Collection and it's called Area 51. It's a sheer, shimmery dark green lipstick that pairs beautifully with darker lippies underneath. I've worn this a couple of times, each time having a liquid lipstick underneath, and I love it quite a bit.


Then Weirdo, a really amazing black liquid lipstick that dries down matte and stays on well. I love this one a lot and am so so happy to have it now. I mean every metal girl needs a black lipstick, right?

Are You Filming?

Lastly from the lippies, there's Are You Filming? which is a beautiful bright red shade that dries down matte as well. This I've worn a few times now and have nothing but good things to say about it as far as the product itself goes. It's a pretty shade and it stays on amazingly.

lippie swatches

And here are the swatches of all three lippies, the liquid lipstick swatches weren't completely dried down here but they show how the shades are against pale skin like mine. Also you can see the beautiful shift in the bullet lippie as the swatch is a bit out of focus and it gives it quite the bokeh effect.

JSC palettes

Then on to the palettes, I got three that I was still missing from my collection and have been loving using the new shades throughout the summer. The three palettes here are, as shown, Beauty Killer, Mini Breaker and Blood Sugar, and I've been putting off getting them because I'm more about that cool-toned color life, however, I love having a full collection (although, I'm still missing a couple of palettes since there just was a new launch but I wasn't feeling the nude colors at all).

JSC palettesBeauty Killer palette

First of the palettes is Beauty Killer. This hasn't actually been in my radar that much as I know Jeffree's formula has gotten better after the first couple of palettes and I was skeptical about this, but it's overall quite a cute palette and you can do both dramatic and everyday looks with it. Also the 10-pan  size is quite lovely since too many brands love the enormous 20+ pan monstrosities nowadays. I'm wishing to see the change to bit smaller ones in the near future and instead more innovative color stories. 

Beauty Killer swatches

And here are the swatches of all the shades in the Beauty Killer, you may see some swatch like a dream, some not so much. All in all I think they all perform nicely on the lids but the formula definitely isn't my favorite one. Color story here however is pretty much my kind of neutral for the days I want to go with more warm-toned.

Mini Breaker palette

Next up is Mini Breaker and this is something I've had my eye on for a while now. I didn't get it when it launched while I did get the big palette, but have been considering it ever since. And my boyfriend has clearly noticed that since he finally got it for my indecisive ass.  

Mini Breaker swatches

The shimmers are the true heroes of the palette but I do wholeheartedly love the color story here, especially now that we're getting into autumn and Halloween time as we speak. This palette could make a badass autumn makeup, especially when paired with few darker shades.

Blood Sugar palette

Last but not least is the Blood Sugar palette, the neutral and red palette I didn't dare to buy because I'm not that big into red makeup apart from lips. But I could see myself reaching for this especially for more wearable looks as this one has many beautiful neutrals and neutral-leaning shades. I'm not sure if this warm tones are my most flattering shades, but I'll try to get more and more use out of them during the autumn.

Blood Sugar swatches

And here are the last swatches for today. I feel this palette has many shades that are very similar to each other - kinda like with Cremated and especially with the Orgy palette, but that's pretty much my only complaint about this so far, however I should give it more use before giving a final verdict. I've used this the least out of these three, the two smaller ones have gotten already quite a bit of use out of them. I'll mention this palette later in case it becomes a favorite and I would highly recommend it, at this point I can't give a proper thought about it if I'm perfectly honest with you all. 

What's your favorite cosmetics product this summer? Please share them in the comments for me to check them out!

That's all for this post, but stay tuned because in the next post I'll share some behind the scenes facts about my Instagram pictures. And of course in the meantime, I hope you'll follow my Instagram @jolagerroos for more content. I'll see you lovelies in my next post!

Have a wonderful week ♥

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