Cherry Nails

Happy Friday everyone! Today I really wanted to share some nail art with you, even if this one was done some months ago. But you know, I still really love the look of this design so let's talk about it a little bit.

summer nails

This mani here is handpainted cherry design, and no, it's not as complicated as you think. Like with every design, if you just piece it to simple shapes, it's actually easy. I can walk you through it under the next picture!

cherry nail art

First I added a basecoat on my nails - never skip this step especially if you work with bold colors or have trouble making the polish last on your nails. Then, painted them with the light pink and let that dry. After that, I took quite a big dotting tool, and painted the shapes of the cherries - which is kind of like painting two big dots that are merging together. Next, I took the green and a thin nail art brush, and painted curvy lines as stems and then tiny curves on top of them as small leaves. Lastly, I took white on a thin brush, and added the "shine" strokes on the side of the cherries to give them more depth. Then I just sealed it all with a top coat and that's it. 

berry nails

The polishes I used were base coat, top coat and Wedding Gown White by Glisten & Glow, Emerald Bae and Flame-Boyant! by China Glaze and O.P.I. Pinking of You (the last one not cruelty-free, it's bought before I started buying only cruelty-free polishes). Also I needed a dotting tool and a thin brush for these, mine are from Born Pretty Store but you can use any you have.

cherry nails

What's on your nails today? Let me know in the comments!

Typing this post really makes me want to do more nail art, which I've been quite unmotivated to do apart from some more abstract designs. For those, I do have some product recommendations, and I will talk about those more in an upcoming post. But also, I will try to get more art to your way too, and try to keep it simple and achievable in case you want to try and recreate them. But of course from time to time I like to do somewhat over the top designs because I like proving myself I somewhat can.

This is all I have for you today, but I'll be back quite soon with another post so stay tuned and for more content you can follow me on Instagram @jolagerroos or my nail account @jolagerroosnails. I'll see you loves in my next post!

Have an amazing day ♥

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