Wisdom Wednesday: 30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years

This is a cliche and a half of a post, but it felt like something fun to post so here we go: 30 things I've learned in 30 years, in no particular order. I feel like much of an intro isn't necessary as you probably have seen these kinds of posts before. I originally planned on posting this on my birthday but it felt a little tone-deaf then taken what was going on on the internet, so I postponed it... to almost three months later but here we are. Better late than never and am still 30, and still very much believe these statements.

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1. I'm an ambivert but often strongly leaning towards introvert. And it's absolutely okay.

2. I actually love cats a lot. Thought I was a dog person but life proved me wrong.

3. Gluten-free cooking is challenging. And I still struggle with it every time.

4. You take food "for granted" before you actually have dietary restrictions. Never did I think I'd be so happy whenever certain foods are found fitting my diet.

5. Neat home helps your mind to calm. I feel very restless especially if the mess is where I can see it.

6. Sleep is amazing. For both mind and body.

7. Music can save your life. It's done that to me twice so far.

8. Sometimes cutting someone out of your life is good. I do this sometimes very ruthlessly, and believe people have cut me out too, but if they're happier that way I have no issues with it.

9. You can meet your bestie even as an adult. I have, and not only bestie but also a soulmate.

10. Opposites may attract, but similarities make you bond. Don't let Hollywood fool you, you need to have things in common in the long run, both as in relationship as well as in friendship.


11. Learning things is highly rewarding. More rewarding than anything else, really.

12. Being popular means nothing... It doesn't pay your bills, nor does it develop you as a person.

13. ...But being true to yourself means everything. Because you need to be able to look yourself in the mirror every given day.

14. "I'm not like the other girls" is actually kinda problematic. Cutting someone down to lift yourself up is always disgusting. As well as the assumption there's only one kind of girls. Yikes.

15. Compliments from other girls are the best. When the compliments come from someone who doesn't have some weird agenda, they truly warm your heart. 

16. Best relationships are the ones you don't have to flaunt. I've made the decision most my friendships and especially my romantic relationship won't be displayed online for privacy reasons, but also, true bonds don't need validation from outside.

17. Beautiful handwriting is surprisingly rare and underappreciated. My bestie has the most gorgeous handwriting and that's reason alone to save every card I get from her.

18. Being verbally talented is hot. My pet peeve is when people have a thin vocabulary and don't bother writing properly. After all, you can train yourself to be more articulate, and it's not that difficult.

19. The only validation you truly need is from yourself. You're the only one with you 24/7 throughout your whole life.

20. Eating healthy actually feels good. Healthy food makes me feel energetic and light, and it's a feeling I really love.

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21. We judge people by their social media presence while in reality that tells very little about a person. If someone has the audacity to think they know me by following my Instagram, they're sadly mistaken. I assume that's the case with most people.

22. I simply cannot just idly sit watching anything, but have to have something to do for my hands. Call it what you wish but in my head, I waste time if I just watch TV or YouTube or whatever without doing something on the side.

23. I'm surprisingly perfectionist, and it hinders me in projects. In certain things, I've learned away from this, but I still have a long road of learning.

24. I have a tad of social anxiety, and that's okay. I'm not ashamed of it at all, but rather like challenging it since mine isn't severe.

25. Panic attacks suck, but in the best case scenario, you can overcome them without medication. I've had quite severe panic attacks in the past, but after some semi-drastic life changes, they're pretty much gone.

26. "Alphas and betas" may be a toxic term, but there's still some truth to the theory. I mean that there are people with low self-esteem making a big show out of themselves for attention, cutting others down and so on, and there are people who quietly and confidently follow their lane while also lifting others up. However, those are not the only types of people, and I think some people can show both kinds of behaviors in different times.

27. Meeting your idols isn't bad, quite the contrary. Having met one of my biggest female idols, you guess who I mean, Elize Ryd, twice, I have even more respect for her than before. I think meeting your idols is only bad when you hold them on some superhuman pedestal, and get upset if they end up being "just" human. 

28. Best part of the relationship are the little things. The little things are the biggest things, I could name dozens of little things I love about mine that make it the amazing one that it is.

29. When it's right, it's easy. This goes with everyone, friendships, families, relationships. None of them should be hard, consuming and overdramatic.

30. Every person in the World is just that. A person. This is one of the biggest things. Remember to give everyone in your life a little slack, because they're people going through who knows what, and sometimes they get things wrong. We all do. So also, don't be afraid to look like a fool at times, we all do that too.

What are some things you have learned you'd like everyone else to know, too? Share them below!

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