Latest DIY Projects a.k.a My Stress Relief Outcomes

I was supposed to post this a week ago, but am honestly so busy I'm happy we're getting this up only a week late. So, let that be said, posts may be a little more sparse for the time being as I am working, studying and living all at the same time, so Internet must wait at times. But once I get my studies out of the way, there'll be more time for blog posts and such. I will try my best to compensate the lack of quantity with quality, so that the few posts you get will then be better. But without any further ado, let's get into this post and to my latest DIY projects.


First up is this fluffy mint green beanie I actually made too big at first, ended up taking apart and knitting together again, so it took twice the time it should have, but hey, that's how you learn, right? I made this one from local yarn shop Nurja's yarns, and the yarns feel so nice I'll be definitely buying from them again for projects like this.

novita sweater

Next up is a sweater that took forever partly because it has a lot going on but mostly because one part of the pattern was quite frustrating to me. The yarns I used here were Flora and Nord (both in several colors) by Drops, purchased from a local shop called Villa Pallo. I'm very proud of this sweater, and luckily it's soon chilly enough to start wearing this. It's very soft since the yarns are alpaca/wool blends.

skirt to be

From the same yarns, I'm currently making a matching skirt, which was in very early stages when I took these pics, but I'm already nearly halfway done with it. I'll be posting pics both here and on Insta once I'm all done!

knitted blanket

As a super easy, yet big project, I have this blanket-to-be from Novita yarn. This material is super soft (more or less acrylic though, if I'm not mistaken, I'll update that once you'll see the full blanket later on!) and pleasant to knit, and this is what I go back to whenever I want an easy knit I just want to have in my hands while focusing on something I'm watching/listening, because with this I don't have to think at all when knitting.

wool yarn

Then a bit about two things I've gotten yarns for but haven't started yet because I still have the skirt to finish. The yarns above are from Lankamaailma, 100% wool and nice petrol blue color, and they'll become a super simple sweater very soon. 

wool yarn

And lastly, these are my skull cardigan yarns for a cardigan very suited to a Slytherin heart like mine. Can't wait to start this one, and will definitely talk more about this project later on, when it gets started at some point. 

Have you done any DIYs lately? Tell me in the comments!

That's all for today, but if you're itching for more content, I'm active more or less daily on Instagram, where I share outfits, makeup looks and more. So follow me on @jolagerroos on Insta, if that's something you care to see, and I'll see you here on the blog some day during the coming week, not entirely sure which day that'll be because of my schedule, but I'll sneak peek it on Instagram when I know, okay? See you in the next one!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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