Support Sunday: Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

Today, I'm really wanting to share some love to ladies who inspire me, my style and my photography (last of those not yet so much since I'm a noob though) constantly. And since you are reading this, I assume you get inspired by more or less same things than I do. I believe all of the ladies I mention in this post have more than their Instagram, but links for everything you can find on their profiles so please just go check them out, give their posts some love and give them follows, too.


Rachel Norstrom

Not only does she have a super cute style, but also she posts a lot of great tips on how to up your photo game. I'm always inspired by her feed, and she's very very nice and interactive with her followers so I would wholeheartedly say she's a very uplifting lady and absolutely worth following. She also has beautiful presets for sale in case you are looking for your perfect one to bring your feed to the next level.


If you've been to the fashion blogging scene in the past 10 years, I think you most likely know who Luanna is, especially if you're into grunge/rock vibed style. I have created recreations here on the blog and regularly pin her things on my Pinterest boards because I find her style highly inspiring. I feel like her looks can easily be achieved even on a budget (I mean of course you'd have to dupe a piece here and there but you would get the same vibe to the look), and her makeup and hair are always on point too. If I were the kind of girl who had a go-to makeup, her typical bold winged liner and red lips would be my things too. 


Saskia is currently a blue-haired babe like me and has an amazing edgy style and she, like me, takes her photos inside, which in all honesty makes me feel very validated as that's how I roll too. But also, her wardrobe is to die for with so many amazing items I need to get in my closet at some point too. Her magic, to me, is that her outfits, much like Luanna's, are consisting of "basic" items (meaning, items you can find in almost any clothing store you prefer), but are styled and accessorized to look edgy and different. And that's honestly my style goals in every way. 

Leather and Lace by Elyse

More high-end fashionista, but one of the sweetest souls I interact with regularly. She poses with such attitude, much like Rachel, and especially her sporty chic and casually chic looks give me so much inspo all the time. She switched her feed to more editorial a little while back, and her feed truly is like a mini fashion magazine on the internet. 


Sara here is one of my absolute style idols with her cute but edgy outfits. Her shoe collection borderline makes me drool because I swear she owns all my shoe goals. I absolutely adore how she makes the edgy looks cute, girly and full of attitude without posing super provocatively - and that actually goes for all the ladies in my list. (Sidenote; I have no issues for anyone wanting to post sexy content on the internet, but admittedly when it comes to style inspo I actually want to see the outfits and not just skin.) Sara also has an Etsy store with adorable prints, so I highly recommend checking that out if you want to support her more than with a follow.

Shelly Curry

Last but not least, Shelly. Shelly has one of the cutest wardrobe backgrounds, meaning she has a beautifully organized display of clothes behind her on her outfit pics. Much like Saskia and Sara, Shelly's closet and collection of shoes are both absolutely drool-worthy. I always see pieces and looks I want to try and her looks make me want to up my outfit game so much more. If you ever see me copycatting a look from her, don't be surprised, haha. 

What are some style influencers you think are worth following? Share them in the comments!

That's all for today's post, but like I just said, feel free to continue the conversation on comments or even on my dms so we can all find more inspiration to our feed. The next post will probably come on Wednesday unless inspiration strikes and I have something for you on Tuesday, too, but most likely I'll be focusing on work and school for a couple of days and can't make enough time for an extra post. However, I will be active on Instagram so in addition to these ladies I mentioned above, I really hope you'll follow my tiny account @jolagerroos, where I post style, makeup and bits and pieces more. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥


  1. Luanna!!! Ihan ehdottomasti yks mun lemppari tileistä, hän on IHANA! :D

    1. Oon niin samaa mieltä, vuosia jo seuraillut hänen tyyliään ja aina vaan pidän häntä inspiroivana <3


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