12 Days of Christmas 2020: Sleighing the Look

Hey my loves, it's been a while since the last post. I've been insanely busy with work and school, and since posting on Instagram is ways more effortless than writing a full on blog post, I've really only been active there. However, at least for this month, we are back with new content (I don't know how my spring schedule will look like, so I can't make decisions for that quite yet, I'll keep you updated once I know more!). Like the title says, there will be 12 posts leading to Christmas, and they all have been planned out already. I'm very excited for you to see them all, I ran couple of the ideas through my bestie before locking them into my schedule and since she approved, you'll all get to see them. 

And to answer to potential question of why 12 December posts and not 24. Honestly, lack of time. I can't get through rest of the work and school tasks of the year and to be able to do daily content here that still stays relevant, informative and/or entertaining. I rather bring you quality, which is why I was on accidental hiatus instead of posting half-assed texts for you.

To kick off this month, I wanted to share this outfit with you. It's my take on metal babe meets festive, and while I would wear this all year round, the shade of green here is, in my opinion, pretty perfect for the season.

how to style leather pants

I don't know if it shows in the pictures, but I was truly feeling myself in this outfit, with my hair freshly dyed, the Christmas tree as a prop and makeup on point. I felt like I was my true Slytherin self, to be completely honest. If you're not familiar with Harry Potter, or just know the Slytherin as bad guys because you're not that deep in the lore, here's a crash course to Slytherin mentality: Slytherin are high-achieving, cunning and resourceful people with quite a bit of pride and determination. All of which are attributes I have, some to a fault, if I'm completely honest. And for those who are totally lost on the HP fandom, the Slytherin colors and green and silver, which is why I feel so at home in tones of green - especially the jewel tones.

If you are into Harry Potter, please share with me what your house is in the comments. Bonus points if yours is from another magic school besides Hogwarts!

Enough geeking out? Okay, let's get back to the outfit pictures. Below the next two pics, there are more detailed information on where all the items are from. Although I have to say, unlike quite many fashion bloggers, I can't most times link the exact items for you since for basic items I shop sales and secondhand, and try to keep the items as long as I can so chances for you finding them new is quite slim, unfortunately. If you'd like to have links to similar items in outfit posts going forward, let me know so in the comments so I can arrange that. For this post I didn't yet do it, because I wasn't sure if you care for it or if it's an unnecessary step for me - so your feedback would be more than welcome! I'm hoping to develop my content to meet your needs more, and therefore I need you to be active in telling what you want or don't want to see.

MintMongoose jewelry
killstar callista boots

Sweater: New Look (secondhand find through Zadaa) Pleather pants: Gina Tricot Boots: Killstar (bought from Fantasmagoria) Belt: Veniz (secondhand find through Zadaa) Necklace: MintMongoose Bracelets: MintMongoose (white one), H&M? (the others)

True myself, this look is a mix of old and new, there are secondhand pieces, there are things I've owned for a while and completely new things (the necklace and honestly, the makeup). You know I believe in style over trends, which is why I've taken it as my mission to switch out some of the pieces from my closet to pieces that are more simple or more me, so that they will stand time better. 

Also I have to give it's own little segment for the boots here, I love them to bits. They are pretty much everything I could hope from a shoe, edgy but comfortable, and they go together with so many different looks. If you love them too, Killstar still has them in stock here (click! not affiliated in any shape or form, just want to make finding them easier for you).

For other pieces, like mentioned earlier, I don't have shopping links, however simple sweaters, faux leather pants and accessories are not immensely difficult to find. You can definitely copy this look on budget, and most likely you already own pieces with which you get similarly vibed look. 

styling killstar callista bootsMintMongoose necklaceJeffree Star Blood Money eyeshadow 

Also I really had to include a picture of this makeup look because I loved wearing it a lot. If you follow me mainly on Insta, you may not be as familiar with my skin texture as you are if you've followed me here, but here we go. My skin is far from poreless and perfect, but taking pictures with phone from perfect angle in amazing lighting helps out a lot, and as I've told you in this post (click!), I do edit my makeup pics to keep the focus on the eye makeup because I find that the most interesting focal point.

What are your thoughts about this whole look? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, but in the next post on Thursday we'll talk a bit about holiday vibed treats, so stay tuned for that! And for more content, follow me on Instagram (@jolagerroos), as I am posting there on most days and try to give you makeup inspiration, styling tips and more. See you in the next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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  1. Great and really relatable post. Thank you for sharing. Love your updates!


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