12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Nails, Two Ways

It's been quite a while since the previous nail art post, not that I haven't done nail art, but I just haven't posted any. However today, I'm happy to share two designs that are fit for the holidays. Mine are done by stamping, you can use any technique you prefer - or just get inspiration for the color scheme here. 

_DSC5967 (Large)

First up is a mani that's thoroughly inspired by Christmas sweaters (as you can see). I stamped these with the Clear Jelly Stamper Better Not Pout stamping plate. Also, I decided to add the glitter accent nails to make them fancier. 

_DSC5992 (Large)

To create the same, you first paint all nails but thumbs and ring fingers with white base color, let dry add top coat, let dry, and then stamp on the sweater pattern (or paint by hand, I didn't have time of patience for that). Then, dab on the gold glitter polish with a sponge (cover your cuticles with latex for easier cleanup!), and lastly seal in the design with top coat. 

I swear to you, these were much easier to do than you'd think! 

_DSC5982 (Large)

The polishes I used here were Wedding Gown White by Glisten & Glow, Big Hair and Bubbly and Baroque Jungle by China Glaze, and Wild Strawberry by Sally Hansen. The base coat was Long-lasting Base by Holo Taco and top coat by Glisten & Glow

_DSC5976 (Large)

_DSC5993 (Large)

Second, I bring you my latest nails, with same sweater pattern but completely different color scheme. And one cat hair. I love this penguin inspired design, although I had the hardest time getting the stamps to lift so the end result isn't the neatest ever. Got to practice more, I guess.

_DSC6016 (Large)

For these, I painted all but thumbs and ring fingers with light grey, let dry, added top coat, stamped the patterns (from the before-mentioned Clear Jelly Stamper Better Not Pout plate), painted the glitter nails in, let dry, added top coat to them, stamped the sweater pattern, and sealed in the whole design with top coat. Little more advanced due to the layered stamping, but still very doable. Trust me!

_DSC6011 (Large)

The polishes I used were Street Style Princess and Free To Be Sesame by China Glaze, Wedding Gown White and Little Black Dress by Glisten & Glow, and You are my Sunshine, Dolla Dolla Bill and Gotta Be Blue by Clear Jelly Stamper. Top coat and base coat here are the same as in the first mani.

_DSC6003 (Large)

What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments!

So here are the two holiday designs I actually had the time to do, I'll see if I possibly make matching ones with my mom over the Christmas break, if so I'll post them somewhere! I'm still catching on the Christmas posts, and if I didn't say this in the previous one, I'm sorry for getting so behind on them, life got in the way more than I ever imagined and it took a hot minute to get myself back on track. Anyway, for more content follow my Instagram @jolagerroos, where there's new post for you more or less daily, and where you can give your votes easily on future post topics - I make polls whenever I want to pitch new ideas for you! 

Have a wonderful day ♥

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