12 Days of Christmas: At Home Hot Beverage Bar for a Small Space

Have you already gotten your home ready for the holidays? Because we sure have. There are some finishing touches I still want to do before I'm 100% happy with it all, but mostly we are done and can just enjoy the holiday vibes. 

Before starting to decorate our place, I admittedly watched way too many "Decorate with me for Christmas" videos, and one of them showed this adorable holiday coffee station that was set on a side table with holiday mugs and all that jazz. That made me want to have a cute beverage bar too, however our space is super limited so a whole table for that is not currently an option (but a girl can dream, right?).

So, I did a smaller version, and will happily share mine with you, so maybe you can also create your own. 

Let's get right to it:

christmas beverage bar 

For me, a station like this only needs two things: Peppermint canes and marshmallows (and you know, optionally some sort of a whipped cream but we all know that needs to stay in the fridge, haha). So for this year, all I needed was three dishes for them, one for marshmallows, one for bigger canes and one for smaller canes. Since the canes are individually wrapped, I didn't need dishes that have lids in them to protect the candy from moisture and such. And lucky from me, the (gluten-free) marshmallows I bought from Suklaapuoti already came in very neat jar so I didn't have to change that.

candy bar 

The dish I have for the small canes is something that has been gifted for me years ago, but it's so fancy I never use it in my daily life. But it fits for the holidays so I happily placed it on the kitchen counter, where I built this little station (next to the coffee machine, of course). The glass that holds the bigger canes is a 3 € find from grocery store (Citymarket Pirkkala, to be exact for my Finnish readers). Next year I will consider also getting a cute crystal jar for the marshmallows, but for now I don't mind them being a different vibe from the other two.

If this crystal-looking theme is not your vibe, or you just want to see more option before making yours, I would recommend checking out Rachel Norstrom's blog here (click!), where she shares her holiday decorations, but more importantly her version of a coffee center - and hers is way cuter and thought out than mine! 

peppermint heartpeppermint and marshmallowsmarimekko mug 

Can we take a moment to appreciate this cutest ever Marimekko mug my boyfriend got me? I felt it was the perfect match to this post (and it kinda matches our kitchen curtains too!). 

Okay, but to stay in the topic of hot beverages, in the perfect world (or, with more time thought put into the setup), I would have nicely matched jars for my currently owned teas (there are many, and currently in mismatched retro jars) next to the water boiler, the coffee items neatly displayed next to the coffee machine and then the add-ons (candies and whatnot) in their own rack or other cute display. And all these would be easy to update to current season/holiday by just switching up the flavors and colors of the ingredients a little. 

Can you get my vision?

christmas drink 

Of course this wouldn't be a complete food-themed post without a couple of mood posts of a hot beverage, right? So here you have some pics I had so much fun taking and editing and making them as holiday vibed as I could. Are they necessary for this post to get across? Probably not. Were they still absolutely needed? Yes they were.

Oh, and the drink of choice here is dark roast coffee made into latte with (gluten-free) oat milk, topped with (lactose free) whipped cream, (gluten-free) marshmallows, couple of small peppermint canes and a bit of pumpkin spice sprinkled on top. Yes, pumpkin spice, I love it all year round and have a jar of home made stuff around at all times. 

christmas coffee 

What's one thing you really love about your holiday decor this year? Let me know in the comments and let's inspire one another!

That's all for today, but I'll be back on Saturday with another post that will be DIY themed and it will include at least one holiday themed idea you too can do at home. In the meantime I highly recommend you check my Instagram @jolagerroos, because that's my most active platform and you can reach me there the easiest especially if you have any post requests, I'm always open to hearing what you all want to see here or on the other platforms! See you in the next post!

Have a lovely day ♥

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