First DIYs of the year 2021

Happy weekend dearies! Hope you’ll be having a relaxing one. I for one have various school tasks, some household chores and quite a bit of content preparing to do, but once all that is sorted out I plan on just relaxing the rest of the weekend. And as part of my relaxing ritual there will be some knitting/crafting. 

Which is my sequeue into the topic today, which are my latest DIY projects. 

_DSC6388 (Large)

First up, I want to show the thing I’m the most excited about, which are these Slytherin socks. These socks are made out of Cascade Heritage merino wool and nylon blend yarn, and I used the colors 5657 Hunter Green and 5742 Silver Grey, 2,5mm needles and “Slytherin Pride Socks” pattern by Ann Kingstone, which you can find here

_DSC6383 (Large)

This was a very fun project, I’m not huge on making socks, but admittedly I wholeheartedly enjoyed making these. These took several days to knit, as they have quite an intricate pattern, thin yarn and I had to follow instructions in a foreign language so I had to google a thing or two to be sure I understood everything correctly. From this project, I have quite a bit leftover yarn and so far no idea what to do with it, but maybe a shorter pair of socks could be the thing. You’ll see when I know.

2021-02-07-084519069 (Large)

The next project was a pair of fingerless gloves for both of my parents, from which I only have this picture of fitting my mom’s gloves on my hands, taken with my cellphone. However, you get the idea and the color scheme from it, so we’re good! For these, I used Novita 7 Veljestä wool blend yarn in shade Ilotulitus for mom’s gloves and shade Tähdistö for dad’s, 3,5mm needles and fingerless glove pattern Point Edwards Mitts by Fairlight Fibers, which you can find here. This pattern was super easy to follow and it would be a good choice for beginners as well, since it has very simple stitches and especially if you use a multicolored yarn, the result will still be very interesting looking.

_DSC6378 (Large)

Next up is a scrap yarn project, where I tried to learn a bit of braid pattern knitting, which I’m not great at - but practice will make perfect. I made these in the size EU 38 (women’s size), and have yet to decide where their home will be since they aren’t perfect by any means, but still warm and cozy but a little bit big for me. I will most likely give these up to the first friend who’ll accept their imperfect being, or donate them to a charity where someone needs warming up for their feet. The pattern for these is from Novita magazine Fall 2019, called Metsäpolku wool socks by Sari Nordlund, but you can also find it in Finnish here. The yarn I used is Drops Nord in the color 16 Jeans Blue, which is a lovely wool blend yarn that feels soft to touch.

IMG_20210111_144104_613 (Large)

Lastly, I want to show you the finished look of the Pohjolan Kutsu skirt I finally finished in the beginning of this year. Now I have a full set of knitwear in this pattern, and I love both of the pieces so much. This pattern is also from the Novita magazine Fall 2019, and the pattern can also be found separately in Finnish here. The photo I had for this was one I actually shared some while back on Instagram, and since it shows both pieces of the set, I thought it would represent the skirt here well.

_DSC6392 (Large)

Currently, I have been starting a sweater I’ve been itching to knit for quite a while.This will take basically no time at all, but I really, really wanted to get this all done before the cold weather ends for the winter so I prioritized this one. I'll share more details on this once I finish it.

Next, I have one project requested by a friend coming up, after which I’m hoping to finish a blanket I’ve been knitting. I always have so many ideas I’m wanting to do, and honestly my only wish is that I would be even faster knitter than I am so I could do even more haha. As for these check-ins, I really hope to make these more or less monthly segments where you can see all the projects I’m doing or have done, and maybe you can get inspired to try some out too. And that’s also why I want to list things I use quite carefully, so you can have the access to the items as easily as possible.

Now, I’d love to hear from you; What are some DIY projects you’ve done lately?  Doesn’t have to be with yarn, I want to know about any craft possible, so share yours in the comments!

That’s it for today - and for this week - as far as the blog goes. Next week I’m planning to talk about makeup, cooking and nail art, so if any of those interests you at all, stay tuned for next week! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram where I share makeup looks, outfits and more nearly daily, and currently I’m trying to use the Stories to give you a bit of extra insight into my daily life (whenever my silly head remembers), so head over to @jolagerroos on Insta and follow the account if you haven’t already. I’ll see you here on Monday with another post!

Have a lovely weekend ♥

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