My IG followers chose my makeup look, and this is what happened

A little while back I made several polls throughout one week for my followers on IG to determine a look I should create with makeup. They definitely chose things I may have not gone for myself, but was excited to take on the challenge. In this post, I will be breaking down the look choice by choice and showing you the end result, and later this week (and this month) I will be posting more about this look on Instagram, based on the choices people made. 

So without further ado, let’s go into what people chose for me (these are all saved on a highlight on my Instagram @jolagerroos if you want to see the polls yourself). 

winged liner look

Multicolor or monotone

The big majority (62% to 38%) wanted to see a multicolor look, so making people choose a color palette wouldn’t be an issue as I could use many. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities, depending on other choices, of course.

Wing or Nah

Thankfully, people really wanted a wing (74% to 26%), now I would just have to see whether or not this said wing will be black or not.

Bold or subtle lashes

I was really hoping for bold, and luckily, the majority agreed on that (76% to 24%). So I get to play around with as massive lashes as the look needs.

Cool or warm colors

This would determine if we have a cool look which I prefer, or if I had to challenge my preferences. The people narrowly chose the route of challenge, and I’m up for it. (48% to 52%)

Nude lip or bold lip

As we are possibly going very bold with the eyes, seems like the audience felt like balancing it out with the nude lip, but only with a slight majority (56% to 44%). I’m totally up for that, it will go great with a warm eye look.

Black wing or colorful wing

Next, I wanted to know whether we go with the classic wing or do we do a twist with it, and with the narrowest or differences, the people chose a colorful wing. I’ve been quite into these lately, so let’s do it! (49% to 51%)

Dark and sultry or bright and fun color scheme

Since we know we’re doing a warm-toned, multicolored look, the last thing about colors is whether we go winter-appropriately dark and sultry, or do we set our sights to spring already and branch out to bright and fun. Here, the dark scheme won easily, so we’ll be doing more or less of a smokey eye. (69% to 31%).

Video or no 

I also wanted to know about the form of the content, I do film things for my own entertainment, but here I wanted to know if anyone even wants a video. It was a 100% yes, so video it is. 

Reels or IGTV

The next question was if people want a quick video or a longer one, and the big majority preferred to see a longer video format. I’m all for it, although editing this one will take a hot minute to make it worth watching. (24% to 76%)

Breakdown in stories yes or no

Lastly I was interested in whether or not people would want step-by-step pics of the look coming together, and based on results this was very much wanted from me. (92% to 8%)

makeup products

Things I chose for the look, based on results: 

Palettes: Oden’s Eye Älva II, Colourpop Uh-huh Honey and Juvia’s Place Saharan II

Eyeliner: LA Girl Pencil liner,  NYX Cosmetics Epic Wear liquid liner in yellow

Lashes: A bold pair I got from my bestie when I saw her a year ago, don’t know the brand or the style, but it’s a kind of style you can definitely find from several brands.

Lipstick: Liveglam Kiss Me in Very Brewtiful

Lipgloss: Liveglam Kiss Me in Hot-Tea

Other products used:

Hydrating foundation and setting mist by Colourpop

Magic Star concealer and powder by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Brow Pomade in Granite by Anastasia Beverly Hills

HD eye primer, clear brow gel and glitter primer by NYX Cosmetics

Mascara and pore minimizing primer by GOSH

Blush and highlighter by Juvia’s Place

Bronzer by Benecos

colorful makeup look

Here’s a quick preview of the look, more of which will follow on Instagram (closeups on Friday with a step-by-step Story/highlight to go along, IGTV hopefully a week from here on Monday). So to see more about this look, definitely follow me on Instagram to see all the things my followers made me do. Admittedly, I didn't go super dar with this, and one could definitely make this more smokey if desired, but the palettes I chose didn't have black in them so I kept the smokey side a touch lighter this time.

Hoping the Instagram crowd finds this acceptable too, in order to not use so many palettes for the look, haha.

warm toned makeup

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this bit of a different kind of content, quite honestly I’m trying to experiment a little with things to see what will be well received and what not so popular, so please remember to show your love for the types of content you enjoy by commenting, sharing and tagging me, recreating things or leaving me a simple DM so I know what you’re all into. That will help me choose the kind of content not only fun for me but interesting for you as well. I’ll see you all in the next post, with one of my favorite recipes.

Have a wonderful day ♥

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