Trying out MoYou London plates for the first time

It’s not a secret I’ve been sort of in a creative funk for a hot minute, where coming up with makeup color schemes, let alone trying to put together nail design has felt next to impossible. I’m trying to get back into all things creative little by little, on makeup that has meant setting some challenges for myself, and in nail art it’s quite the same too. For years, I’ve been wanting to get better at stamping, so I’ve taken it as my mission to find the brands and plate styles I enjoy the most, and finding the fun of nail art again. Not really doing much in that regard has felt like a missing piece of myself, and I’d like it to not be missing anymore. 

So, today I’m sharing how my first experience with MoYou London has been. 

moyou london stamping

In December, I ordered this whole bunch of plates from MoYou, and even though it was the holiday time, the package only took a few days to arrive from the UK to Finland. Overall the whole purchasing and shipping was a positive experience, I have absolutely no complaints about it. 

The plate designs looked just as nice in person as they did online, which I would’ve assumed taken I’ve seen quite reputable nail influencers say many good things about the brand. Below, I’m showing a bit more in detail the plates I purchased, and after that I’ll talk about actually stamping with these plates for the first time. Naturally, I won’t yet be trying absolutely all of them, but for the sake of this post I tried more than one to get a bit of an idea how compatible I am with these plates. 

moyou london stamping

I couldn't resist getting these animal palettes, I think many super cute things could be done with these and especially they will make cute accent nails with the repetitive patterns! 

moyou london stamping

Christmas may be over, but I was still excited to get these Christmas sweater plates so that next holiday season I can create more nail art than I did last year.

moyou london stamping

Then the ones I was the most excited about, gothic, punk and Tumblr girl ones. These three are so me, and so fun, and the goth and punk ones are what I tested out for the sake of this post. 

All the plates look amazing, and they seem like the quality that lifts easily on the stamper. However, I need to do more testing than I did for this post to give a thorough opinion, so keep that in mind when reading my thoughts below.

stamped nails

Here are the nails I came up with, I wanted to do something gothic yet cute, and I think that was quite well achieved here. All prints apart from the tiny crosses are from the gothic plate, and the tiny crosses are from the punk plate. I was pleasantly surprised how incredibly easy these plates were to work with, I didn't have to try that many times to get the pictures to lift and to get a beautiful stamp out of them. 

I can't wait to try more designs with them, especially if the rest of them are as easy to work with as these seemed to be.

rock nails

I was actually very excited how these nails look, the lilac shimmer base is so soft and girly yet the black designs with the rock theme bring a nice edge to them. One of my friends liked these so much she asked me to do the same for her, and whenever the situation allows us to meet up, I totally will do that for her!

moyou london stamping

The polishes I used for these nails were Long-Lasting Base by Holo Taco, Get It Right, Get It Bright by China Glaze, 1 More Like 1am by Clear Jelly Stamper and Top Coat by Glisten & Glow. I would like to test out MoYou stamping polishes at some point as well, but since I fairly recently got new ones from CJS, I used one of them here.

gothic inspired nails

What do you think about this mani? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all for this post, but I will be back very soon with another one. In the coming week or so, we will be talking about a new eyeshadow palette, youtubers I'm into right now, and some thoughts I have after 2020 - and more, if I just have the time for it. For more content, follow me on Instagram @jolagerroos, where I post style, beauty and more almost daily. Lately I've been trying taking Wednesdays, Sundays and occasionally Saturdays off from posting to Instagram in order to bring more high quality content as well as to be able to do more offline. I hope you all are liking the change of pace, and I am trying to bring more Story content as the daily part of the content really soon. And as always, I'll see you soon in the next post!

Have a lovely day 

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