What I Want To Achieve In 2021

Hey my lovelies! 

My few days’ hiatus turned into a month of blog silence, but it did good to my mental health. My work routine changed quite a bit, so finding extra energy was really tough. I’m trying to write posts beforehand now, so that we would have a backlog of few posts all the time in order to not have these long breaks. 

Today, I wanted to start the year off with talking about the things I want to achieve this year - and if you’re willing to, I would love you to share your goals in the comments as well! So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Better time management

I’ve been trying to perfect how I use my time (whenever needing to be efficient, which of course is not all the time), and learn away from procrastination (which is freaking hard, let me tell you). And this year, I really want to get better at this, because I feel like I don’t use my time as smartly as I could. This doesn’t really mean I need to be achieving something with every minute I have, but rather that whenever I have a task to be done, I would know how to really do it well but fast. Not my strong suite yet, but hopefully at the end of the year.

More organized home 

My boyfriend knows what an organization freak I can be when let loose, but as of now, we still have several things at our home that could be organized even better. And since I believe that at least the first half of the year will be quite tightly spent at home, organizing could definitely be in the cards for me. This also includes decluttering some of our stuff, which isn’t an issue because at least personally, I probably have way more things than I actually need.

Saving more

I believe staying home and having less stuff around will definitely help to save more. We’re currently saving to buy our own place, and I would love to contribute more to that. Hence saving will be one of the key goals in the near future. 

Creating more

There are many creative things I enjoy doing (which you know if you’ve been here for a moment), and this year I want to give those things more room instead of for example spending time on the computer - unless of course I’m creating on a computer, which is a possibility. But I’m more me when I do creative stuff, not to mention those creative things make quite good online content too, in my opinion.

Finally graduating

I’m finally only a few courses and half a thesis away from getting my degree. This will be the year, if nothing goes wrong. And I’m excited.

Learning new things

To me, graduating definitely doesn’t mean I want to stop learning more. There are few things I hope to dive into at least after graduating, but maybe even before that:

  • More knowledge of photography (to take better pictures both for the blog and the Instagram)
  • Deeper knowledge of knitting and crochet (I’ve figured out few things I haven’t really mastered yet, and I want to get much better so I can create even more things with yarn)
  • Basics of doing macrame crafts (this seems like an intriguing way of crafting and I’m eager to try it out this year - I have materials ready)

Less time online

I still have online studies and no plans of ending my blog nor quitting my social medias, but I’m aiming to get rid of the mindless scrolling aspect of it even more. I don’t mind having YouTube videos in the background when I knit, craft or do something else, but the habit of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram feed like most of us probably do is something I don’t really want to have this year anymore. I have so many things I actually want to use my time on, so I can’t waste the precious asset of time to mindless things very often.

More exercising

This is honestly long overdue, and as a 30-year old woman it’s something I should take more seriously. I will start including more and more workouts into my routine, and I’m hoping to achieve a balanced mix of biking, running, yoga and muscle training/home gym along this year. 

Being more in the moment

This is something I don’t think I’m too bad at, but I really do want to be more “there”, whenever having a real contact with people, or just doing something I love, whatever that might be. Last year went in a blur, which I believe is the case for many, but instead of just waiting for the things to get better, I really just want to live each day and truly be in the moment as much as I can.

Connecting better with (the right) people

This goes along with the previous point, if I’m more in the moment with people, I will automatically also have a better connection with them. In recent years I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with connecting with anyone, much due to my own struggles. But as I feel better now, I hope that translates to better connections with people too. However as the point suggest, I’m not looking forward to connecting with whoever, but rather with the people who truly have been there recently one way or another, because I truly want to give them the same courtesy.

Trying out manifesting

I know there’s probably few of you who will absolutely slam the idea of manifesting completely, but personally I think it’s a harmless concept that just helps you focus on and connect with your goals. No harm in trying, and I truly believe you have to put the vibe out to the universe to ever be able to actually get it. This is something I want to touch on in a post later this year.

Having better diet and sleep

Again, I'm a 30-year-old woman, so some things should be more in the focus. Eating right and sleeping enough are definitely some points to focus on along with the exercise, and the way I see it, these two need to come first in order to exercise actually do any good. I have implemented more veggies into my diet slowly but surely, and have also tried to replace most of my late night screen time with knitting instead, so I’m definitely on the right track - but there’s still a little room to do better. One thing I’m also interested in trying even better than before is intermittent fasting. I’ve been dabbling into it for a hot minute now and I feel it works for my body, and helps me sleep better as well. These are things I will be happy to report back to you later on once I lock down a routine that works for me - and maybe it’ll be something that’s helpful to at least one of you.

Now, it’s your turn; What do you want to accomplish this year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

That’s all for today’s post, but I’ll be back very soon with another post. This week, we’ll be talking about nails as well as crafts later on, and next week we’ll hop into a few more topics. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be blogging again, and moreover to have the energy to do “me”, which is writing, planning and creating. And before the next blog post, there will be things up on the Instagram (@jolagerroos), so if you haven’t already, I’d be very happy if you checked that out. I’ll see you on Friday with another post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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