Duping the Spring 2021 trends with things I already own

Another season is starting really soon, and in the fashion world that means getting into new trends. I always highly encourage you to think style over fashion, and this is why today, I'm showing you how I would style my existing clothes to embrace the Spring 2021 mentioned in this Vogue article. There are couple that I didn't style, and I will let you know why when we get to them. The style names I used are more or less copied from the Vogue article just so you can compare them if you please.

Let's get straight into the looks:

monotone outfit

Monochrome Magic

This was pretty straightforward, the article showed simple but stylish black and white looks, and this is absolutely something anyone can copy at home. I paired black and white polkadot blouse with highwaisted black jeans, and I think the combo was cool.

I do want to apologize the not ideal lighting in the first few pics and the cat hair infested carpet in all of these, I know that's not aesthetic but keeping it real for you. Didn't necessarily want to vacuum before I pranced around in my outdoors shoes as I would have to clean afterwards nevertheless.

bralette look

The New-Look Bralette

Apparently bralettes are a thing again. I wish we had more opportunities to go out because that's where I would wear a look like this rather than at home or at the office. But I felt so confident in the combo of bralette, matching skirt and the blazer on top. I feel like the blazer made the look a whole lot more wearable, although for a party, I would consider the look without it and with massive jewelry.

harness outfit

Do The Floss

Okay, so the trend is more about the around the waist string, but I find that inconvenient and possibly not so inclusive, so my take on it is wearing a thin harness, which is very metal/alternative, might I add. This look was also something I felt super badass in, so that's why I felt like including it in this post even though I didn't follow the trend literally. Can't make me a sheep, you know.

maxi skirt look

Take The Floor

A trend that would pair up so well with the bralette trend. Floor length, floaty maxi dresses and skirts. Not only does it sound comfortable and easily wearable, I also like how absolutely feminine that trend is. I don't own many maxi dresses or skirts due to my short body, because I don't find them super flattering. However, I do have this high-low skirt that has the best parts of both mini and maxi skirts, and it's flowy so isn't that more or less perfect? I liked pairing it with a band tee and corset belt, because that released the look's metal chic potential to the max.

baggy trousers outfit

Wide Strides

Another kind of a wearable and comfy trend, probably great for anyone working from home but wanting to dress up. Wide, baggy pants are in, but of course the trend is mainly concerning suit pant looking pairs so that the look is still chic. Well, in my opinion you can rock any flares you desire and embrace the boyfriend jeans you probably still have if you followed that trend not that many years ago. For me, this point meant styling my striped paperbag pants and pairing them with a well-fitting top to keep the look neat. You could, of course, go with the floaty aesthetic and have an oversized blazer or something as a top, but that's not my aesthetic.

scarf as a cape outfit

Cape Blend

Capes can come in many shapes, but my personal choice would be to take a big scarf and just belt it into a cape like you see in the picture. The mood of the look is probably very 2014 for some, but hey, all fashion goes around in circles so why not just wear this. Also this is a way to find multiple ways to rock existing pieces and not needing to buy new so that's good for both your wallet and the environment.

Living Room Disco

Speaking of environment, I hate when fashion industry tries to make people buy unnecessary things like sequined pieces, especially in a time when no one really goes anywhere. If you do love and own sequined things, by all means rock them, but if you don't have them, I'd suggest you check the environmental effect of microplastics (sequins and glitter would in my understading go to that category, more or less), and reconsider this trend. So I don't encourage you to get sequins by styling any of them.

Cut Out And Keep

Funny enough, the only piece I'd have for this was cut into a two-piece last year, so I literally had nothing exciting to style for you. But as the title suggests, cut outs are back, so if you have pieces that have them, they definitely are trendy right now.

corset top outfit

The Return Of The Corset

In my rock chic mind, corsets are always in, but it's nice to see them on trend because that means a) I can post very typical metal looks and they'll do better in algorithms, but also b) within a year the corset tops are easy to score second-hand because so many people will toss/sell theirs when the trend is over. Here I styled a denim corset with a girly pleated skirt, and added though boots to have a fun mixture of girly and edgy. There are so many ways to wear and style this corset trend without oversexualizing the look (unless that's what you prefer, we are all different in that regard). I've seen cool looks where corset tops are worn over t-shirts and blouses, and those are such a mood (I may have to jump in on that at some point!).

hoodie outfit

Lady, With A Twist 

This seems like a fun trend where casual and feminine pieces are combined - think about pleated skirt with a hoodie, floaty maxi skirt with a sweatshirt etc. It's kind of an evolved version of the sporty chic vibe that was all the rage some years ago, where combining girly skirts with sneakers and sporty shoes was a thing. My take on it was to pair faux leather mini skirt with cute boots and thin hoodie, but in all honesty rocking this with an oversized hoodie/sweatshirt would have been quite an Ariana Grande vibed moment.

fishnet tights

Net Benefit

This is another trend my inner metal girl is excited about, because all sorts of layerable net fabrics seem to be a hit right now. I must say I prefer quite the traditional way to wear nets, which is slapping on a pair of fishnets and having them show in a look like in the pic above, but I'm also excited to see other possibilities of the fabrics from more creative dressers than I am.

bold stripes look

Between The Lines

If you know me, you know I love my stripes. It's so much of a thing for me that my friends tease me for it. Therefore, it was only a matter of choosing one of the pieces to be styled here, and my choice was this shirt dress that I can't wait to wear more once the weather gets warmer. The dress looks so fun with the big necklace, corset belt and tall boots. 10/10 will wear this outside and take better pics later this year.

Which of these trends is your favorite?

That's all for today, I had so much fun with creating these looks and will consider similar posts with other remaining seasons of the year. When it comes to style content, I would love to hear if you have any requests on styling tips, inspiration or something else I could share with you. On Instagram, I will try to do more or less regular Reels for styling pieces 3 different ways, because that seemed to be taken well by you, but if there are other ideas for here or for Instagram, I'd gladly hear them! I'll see you later this week with another trend-related post, but that one will center around nails.

Have a wonderful day ♥

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  1. Hi, I really like this post. I feel like you only get videos nowadays. But here I can look at a pic as long as I like and read the text or not.

    Love your style. You look fantastic.


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