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Hey my loves!

I’m hoping your year is starting off nicely, mine has been positively slow-paced, so I can really plan and set goals for the beginning of the year (at least). I’ve been mapping out things I want to post about (both here and on socials), listing some craft projects for the first part of the year, planning my thesis - and most of all adding some more or less finishing touches to our new home. 

And as you can tell by the title, today I’m sharing some of my favorite things in our home (not in any particular order). I’ll also talk a little bit about each detail as we go along. I tried to do the pictures a bit artsy way instead of the typical oversaturated/bright neutral influencer way. These speak more to my Slytherin soul this way. 

Home details Home details

First up is my Slytherin wall and somewhat matching lamp. The pictures on the wall are prints from Archive Sunday, and the lamp is Ikea's Galjon. I feel like these give a modern Slytherin vibe quite nicely, and they absolutely create an inspiring environment for me. I know the look is not for everyone,  that's all good, but I really love this wall!

Home details

My nail stash also got a bit of an update with shelves for the Holo Taco packages. I love how everything is now quite easy access, and I think this will inspire me to do more nail art this year and in the future. The shelves are actually painting shelves from Ikea, and in my opinion they house the nail polish very neatly.

Home details

Fireplace. I adore having our own fireplace, especially having grown up with one in the house. So you can imagine how to me, being able to stare into the fire is very nostalgic.

Home details

Harry Potter is something that's very present in our home, even as Lego sets. Now I know some may think it's ridiculous for grown people to splurge on "toys", but personally, I love building with Legos and appreciating the design work that has gone into making small bricks build up into big recognizable strucktures.

Home details

The Coffee Nook. This is something I didn't know I needed, but now that we have it, it's a must-have. The cabinet is (yet again) from Ikea, but I customized it a bit by leaving out one shelf and replacing it with a rod and hooks to hang up the mugs. It also acts as additional storage space for mugs and such, so that's a big bonus. 

Home details

In one of the closets, there were these wire baskets, and the first time I saw them, I knew I'd place my yarn there. The whole thing isn't yet fully organized, but I may show it later if I go around organizing it perfectly to my taste.

Home details

We don't own that many books (so far), as I prefer using library and my man doesn't read that much, but having a nice bookcase with glass doors lets me to have some of my witchy things displayed. I'm very positive these shelves will get an update at some point, when I have more vision on how to display it all, but I do like the starting point now.

Home details

The bedroom lamp stayed the same, and while it's not a very expensive chandelier, I do love the vibe this lamp gives to the room - especially combined with the velvety curtains we have. 

Home details

Now this might be one of my actual top things. The sewing desk. I found the foldable Norden desk from (can you guess?) Ikea, and the fact it's actual wood, has small storage space and can serve as three different sizes depending on your needs totally sold it to me. I haven't been sewing on 1,5 years, because it was so bothersome to make the space in the kitchen in the previous place. Now, when no guests are over, I can actually leave my things out in the open (cat-safe way, of course) and carry on the next day if I want to, and I'm postitive I'll be sewing way more in the future. 

Which of these is your favorite?

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