Back to School & Some Shopping

Hey glamorous people!

How are you all doing today? ♥

I for one am excited about this weekend, which I'm once again spending with the guys (and PS3, ice hockey and F1. Yay!). I hope they'll let me take some pictures, I would love to show the world the best company a girl could have - if you don't count the closest girlfriends, that is.

Yesterday, I was supposed to have an exam, but being sick made it impossible to prepare properly for it - let alone to go to school at all - so I'm trying to get my teacher let me do it next week. I'm going to be super busy even without the guys being around this weekend, due to the darn other projects I have for school... Frustrating. But hey, at least I don't have to figure out what to do with my freetime, as school decides it for me. That's so fun. *insert some major eye rolling*

Anyways, as mentioned in the previous post, my blog is officially transitioned into the Autumn. Therefore, there'll be lots of my school style, and like some of you have requested, there will be a bit more of my daily life next to the style pictures and all.

Though I must warn you, it might not be all that exciting. I'm just a student with a part-time job and no mentionable freetime. But I can always sneak in little bits and pieces of my life here to make this blog a bit more me.

Remember how I mentioned in the previous post I'd make a little shoplog for you? I snapped photos of few of my favorite items, didn't see the point of picturing absolutely everything, just because I've bought many basics, like new mascara and so on, which might not be that exciting.

Anyway, here goes...

Some Autumn shopping


Knit and leather gloves - Mango


A high-waisted miniskirt with suspenders - Seppälä


4 bottles from China Glace On Safari collection -


Booties with white faux fur trimming -


Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes -

So, what do you think about my purchases?

Now, when the school started a couple of weeks ago, it was still very warm - a perfect weather miniskirts! I don't believe in "jeans only" policy before the temperatures get below 5 degrees (Celsius, that is), so you'll probably see a bunch of short skirts and other not-so-warm ensembles in the next few weeks. And to start off, here's the first of my school outfits for this new school year:

Outfit of the day





My serious modeling face. Not quite ANTM stuff, huh?


High-waist skirt: thrifted
Striped tee: H&M
Black boots: KooKenkä
Pink blazer: H&M
Layered necklace: Gina Tricot
Bracelet: Pieces/Only
Bird ring: SpiritStore

For me, this was the perfect outfit to start this school year. I was kind of mixing businesswoman and schoolgirl, maybe trying to get that Gossip Girl vibe there as well. I loved this outfit, and I'm already thinking how to wear this when the weather gets colder. That pink blazer was such an amazing find, I will try an wear it with many, many outfits. ;) (Thanks Anna for making me realize what a must-have these bold blazers are!)

What are your thoughts about this outfit? Is it nice for school? ♥

I noticed that in the previous post, I didn't have any nail photos... That was weird, huh? But not to worry, here's a manicure to continue my 31-day manicure challenge. As the blog comes a bit behind of what I do in real life, I can say that I'm kind of sad that the challenge is nearly over. I'm already on the challenge 29, and there's only two more to go. (Can't wait to post the rest of the challenge manicures, there are amazing ones to come, if you don't mind me saying so myself!)

31-day manicure challenge

#17 Glitter nails

This was absolutely one of my favorite "themes" of the challenge, at least when I was checking out the list before starting the challenge. The ones who really know me know that I can't resist a nice glitter, so this challenge was totally me.

I could've done this in million different ways, but I just decided to go overboard with the glitter, and this is what it looked like:




What do you think about this glitter mani? ♥

I'm heading now to enjoy my weekend (armed with the camera and phone) and I hope I can get few fun pictures to show you later! I'll be back Sunday with some DIY fun and another outfit post. Stay tuned with my Instagram account (@silvertigo) for some live action. :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Oikein ihanaa viikonloppua! ♥

    P.S. Aivan upeat glitterkynnet (ja hassu sinä kuljet minihameessa syksyllä.. tulee kylmä jo katsoessa :D )

    1. Hih, no noi kuvat on viime kuulta, jolloin oli vähän lämpöisempi ;D Toki, menisin edelleenkin minihameessa, nyt se olis vaan sukkahousujen paikka :D

  2. Great buys and I love your pink blazer!!!!


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