My Advent Calendar

Hi everyone! 

How are you? ♥ 

It's not a big secret I'm such a child at heart - that's why, even at the age of 22, I can't help but want an advent calendar. This year, though, I wanted something different. 

What do I mean by different?


Ciaté's Mini Mani Month calendar ♥


I had seen this beauty in some blogs and Instagram accounts and was dreaming about it - but couldn't even dream of actually buying it, before my mom said she would get one for me. Needless to say, I was over the moon. Thanks again, mom, it's amazing! Love you ♥ 


For those who don't know, Mini Mani Month is an amazing calendar, featuring 20 mini bottles of Ciaté polishes and 4 bottles or caviar beads. 3 of the nail polishes are exclusively for these calendars, which I think is super exciting. You can imagine how many manicures these all make possible to create.


I love the design of the calendar very much, the abstract geometric pattern is cool enough for a couture sweater, and the colorful lids make it fun (though maybe too easy) to find each day's polish. I also love the way they've printed fun facts, quotes and such on the inside of every lid.


I only got this yesterday, so I had 10 days' work to do with the calendar. The mini bottles are exactly that - mini. But I'm confident that I can do many manicures with each before the polish runs out. 


A closer look to the first caviar bead bottle to pop out. This one is called Prom Queen, and it has blue, pink/purple and silvery beads and hexagon glitter to it. I can't wait to see the other three!



After freeing the first ten bottles from their little "prisons", I took the time to admire the fun shades I got.


There's the caviar beads, two different shades of white, pink (which doesn't show here), dark red, purple....

DSC08050 pink, gray, bright red, and a curious glittery shade. I wonder what tomorrow might bring?


So here you have it - a spoiled girl's calendar, a nail enthusiast must-have, and the perfect treat for a blogger in shopping ban to make it through this month without shopping. :D I'm super excited I finally got this, and I had to share this with you right away, even though I have a ton of things to post for you that should come before this... Oh well. 

So, what do you think? Yay or nay? And, if you have an advent calendar, what kind is it? Or, if you don't what is the best one you ever had (e.g. your childhood's favorite Christmas calendar)? Share your thoughts and memories in the comments! ♥

I wish a nice week to you all, I still have lots of things to do before I can have the holiday break from school - and I will let you know more later this week about that. But now, it's time for me to catch the bus and go to school!

Blog ya later,




  1. Replies
    1. Kiitos kovasti, toi on kyllä tosi makee vaikka itse sanonkin ;) ♥

  2. Like, seriously this is every nail girls dream! Fantastic calendar! Me wants!

  3. Mun "hieno" salmiakki kalenteri kalpenee tän ihanuuden rinnalla :DD
    Toivottavasti minullakin olisi tuollainen vaikka sitten ensi vuonna :)) Opilta tai China Glazelta tollanen ois aika kiva :D

    1. Joo kyllä kelpais kans ;) Tää on ollut ymmärtääkseni sen verran kovassa huudossa et uskon vahvasti Ciaten valmistavan näitä ensi vuonnakin. Mutta esim. China Glazelta vastaava olis ihan mieletön! ♥

  4. Ciate has truly outdone themselves! I'm already a fan of their nail lacquer. They literally thought of every detail. I love the little sayings and colors the nail polish comes in. Very nice gift! The last advent calendar i had was filled with various types of candy.

    1. I had a candy calendar too last year, but my mom was the best and got me this year :) ♥

  5. Oijoijoi aivan upea ! Meillä ei ole mitään kalenteria tänä vuonna, nyyh. :)

    Kiitos kommentista. Juu tovi tuossa vierähti kun poistelin kaikki ja nyt voi ruveta lisäilemään pikkuhiljaa takaisin niitä joita oikeasti lukee & jotka seurailee myös mun blogia - kuten sinä :D ♥

    Indie by heart

    1. Onneksi kalenteri ei ole se joulun tärkein juttu ;) Ihana kuulla että saat listasi järjestykseen, toi on kyl inhottavaa kun Bloggerissa on kaikkia kummallisia rajoitteita asioille :P Kiva että blogini pysyy listalla, saman voin helposti luvata sinulle ja upealle blogillesi ♥

  6. Yay you finally got it. I really wanted this but it was sold out everywhere! I love that because it came late you got to open a lot in one go!!

    1. I'm so sorry for everyone who was left out, but there's always the next year, right? ;) I loved to open a lot, now I can't wait each morning, so that I can open a new one. And the polishes are so unique, I love how they inspire me so much :) ♥

  7. Voi mä olen niin kateellinen, tuo on aivan ihana! :)♥

    1. Hih, voi kiitos Noora, toi on kyllä aika spesiaali, en meinaa vieläkään uskoa että sain tuon :) ♥

  8. Oh my god ! This is not an advent calendar for children !!! It's amazing to discover a new nail polish everyday !!!

    1. It's definitely not one for children, what with the price and the small parts ;) I love getting new polish every day, so fun! ♥

  9. Ääk miten ihana joulukalenteri! Mulla on kolme joulukalenteria, yksi arpajoulukalenteri ja kaksi postikorttikokoista... Ehkä ensi jouluna voisi ostaa jonkun tällaisen!

    1. Arpajoulukalenterit on kivoja, mä tykkään kovasti :) Mutta tokihan tääkin on aivan loistava, suosittelen! ♥

  10. That is SO SO cute! What an amazing gift! I wish I had discovered it sooner - Sally would've loved it!

    Enjoy the weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

    1. I'm sure she would have! But there's always the next year ;) You should get it for her then ♥

  11. love it! would you like to follow each other? let me know!


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