Simple Holo Nails & Animal Print Rainbow

Hey lovelies!

Happy Friday! ♥

I hope you're all doing fine today - and having fun plans for the weekend. Today me and my fiance had a little dinner & movie date, and we had so much fun. The rest of the night, we're watching TV, playing some video games, and enjoying each other's company. Gotta love free nights.

Today's post is once again all about nails, I have two manicures for you, and I hope you will like them!


The first one is a holo manicure with Make Up Store hologram polish. I must say, I have way too few hologram polishes, but as they are usually only sold on indie polish shops online, it's quite impossible for me to get them. :P Well, maybe later in life.


I thought these were fun with the rhinestones and all. Simple design, yet quite classy and sparkly result.


And here are couple of shots without flash, in the daylight. It shows the true color rather than the holo effect. :)


And the other one is a bit more colorful - you know how I like my colors, right?


Now, I did these because I wanted to practice my gradient, but also because I had this fabulous loose glitter I wanted to test. The result was kinda fun, I think.


I believe I'll be doing more these colorful manicures when Spring comes closer, so if there are some color combos you'd like to see - or if you want a tutorial on gradient nails, let me know.


That's all for now, I'm going to play with my man now, and then get to bed quite early so that we can pack the whole day tomorrow. ;)

Did you like these manicures? What kind of nails are you rocking today?

I hope each and everyone of you is having a fabulous weekend! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. lovely! I looove those gold gliters!

  2. Gorgeous and lovely nails!
    I love the rhinestones!!!

  3. Both look so amazing! I love the sparkles on the first one.

  4. Wow, what nails! :)

  5. Amazin colors!! I wish I had nails like those! :--)

  6. Johanna! I love the first one, purple is one of my favourite colours. As for the cross detail well its amazing!
    Thanks for your comment

    1. Thanks love! Maybe I'll do a purple mani soon just for your entertainment :) ♥

  7. These nails are fabulous - especially the colourful set! What I would give to be able to create awesomeness like that on my own!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! You've also got a new reader too!

  8. noiw those are some nails!!!wow!!!:)


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