Gradient With Glitter, Two Ways

Heya lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

While you're reading this, I'm in Sweden on a school trip. I'll be back on Friday, and after that I'll be more active online as well. This one I scheduled for you so that you'd have something to read while I'm gone - didn't wanna abandon you altogether. ;)

So today I'm sharing another two pieces of nail art with you, and I hope you guys will like them!


The first piece is this grey number. I was in the mood for gradient, so I ended up doing this, and then I topped it off with some silver glitter.


It was a very simple mani, and because of the glitter quite impossible to photograph. :D



I don't know what else these grey tones are great for, other than for gradients... Or, wait, I think I should say ombre with this one, as it has the same color, only different tones. My mistake. ;)


But this other one could be classified as gradient. I did a pink mani that shifts into black at the tips, and created a matte finish. This one also had flakes to create some texture to it.


Oh, and sorry that you can see the wear on this mani, once again I didn't have the chance to take a pic when completing these, but only a couple days after, so they aren't their best anymore in the photos.



This one was also hard to capture in it's true colors, but I did try my best. I should really invest in a macro lens, it would make this so much more fun. And I need to try to learn to take these shots on daylight. :D I'll be working on that when I can!

So, what do you guys think about these manicures? Have you tried creating ombre/gradient nails yourself?

Now, that's all I have today. I really wanna thank you all for your amazing comments, and all the support many of you have given concerning or move! Your wishes have made my day again and again. You guys rock! ♥

I hope everyone is enjoying their week, and I'll be back in business on Friday! 

Blog ya later,




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