Leather Shorts with Blazer

Hi lovelies!

Happy Thursday ♥

Today is a national holiday in Finland, which means no school, no work, no mandatory things to do - and that's kinda awesome. We're going to Pori to fix my fiance's bike with his dad, and to go out eating with a friend or two. Sadly, it's been predicted to rain the whole day, but let's hope people have been wrong about that!

But what I really wanted to share with you today, is an outfit I had on the day I got my hair done. Even though my hair stylist knows my taste pretty well, I always think it's good to dress the part, so the professional can see what my style is like nowadays. And here's what I had on for the occasion:

 photo 39521b73-4b88-4ed0-a36b-bb06f4728e40.jpg

 photo aa8c3c97-bd4a-4e2d-b358-91a5b49ab7a5.jpg

 photo ed0a0079-e0c0-45a4-a13d-93f0a2988023.jpg

 photo 52a47748-8cac-4b8f-b97e-6cfb1d906a1a.jpg

 photo f8fc627d-424c-40b3-9a09-1dd627c5dbf8.jpg

 photo dae33983-7c0c-450c-a78a-a78d98c009bf.jpg

 photo 3803b817-c7d1-45fb-a93f-4151fd214d16.jpg

PU Shorts: Seppälä Tights: H&M Biker Boots: Ebay Blazer: H&M Spiked Shoulder Pads: Boohoo Top: too old so that I could remember, lol Necklace: Gina Tricot Skull Bracelet: Gina Tricot Pearl Bracelets: Seppälä Triangle Rings: Nelly.com Rose Ring: SpiritStore

So there, edgy and girly, wrapped into one. I really personally liked combining all these items, but I do get if there's too much for some. I guess I could do a better job simplifying my looks, but oh well. We only live once, let's have fun. I'm sorry you have to see so much of the biker boots, I am a bit obsessed about them. Luckily the weather is getting warmer so they start to bee a bit too much!

But what do you think about this look? Is there an item you've been obsessed about lately? Share your thoughts! ♥

I'm off to bed now, or, well off to a cup of decaf tea and an episode or two of Desperate Housewives. Gotta get my relaxation. ;)

Hope you'll have a fun day!

Blog ya later,




  1. I love love this look and the blazer is superb!!!

  2. your hair looks gorgeous, Johanna! The color is superb! :) I also love the epaulets on that blazer. Very cute! hope you get to enjoy your holiday and that it doesn't rain too much!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. Thank you, the holiday wasn't that rainy ;) ♥

  3. Your hair is looking so amazing here. Still love the studs on the blazer too.

  4. I love edgy and girlie! I think that whatever makes you happy in fashion is what looks best! Hope you have a great wknd! xx

  5. cool outfit!
    your place looks cold (I mean, look at the snow) but you're wearing such sheer tights! I don't think I can stand it haha.
    I really like your hair ;)
    have a great day!

    1. Haha, it's not that bad - and the snow was melting that day, so not that cold ;) But thanks for your concern! ♥

  6. your Look is really gorgeous .our hair is looking so amazing here. Still love the studs on the blazer too


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