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Hiya Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday ♥

It's the second day of my detox week, and I'm starting to feel the results. I haven't done my work out at all this week - yet - but I'm planning to start tonight after work. Today, however, I'm feeling the fluids moving inside, which isn't too comfortable, but necessary for this week to work. If everything goes well, this will more or less become a lifestyle. But more on that next week. ;)

Today our mailman brought me something fun again. My May LivBox!

Finnish readers, if you haven't opened yours, don't spoil the surprise by scrolling down ♥ Ja sama suomeksi, jos et vielä ole avannut tämän kuun LivBoxiasi, välty spoilaantumiselta ja sulje tämä blogi selaimestasi nyt! ♥

 photo e441b604-32cd-44e0-ae21-fd7e5dc76a16.jpg

I was happily surprised by the bright red color of the bow on the front, it made me instantly feel like there would be nice girly things inside.

 photo 260eb6ac-1013-4a10-a685-1a3e724f4d62.jpg

The name in the product menu, Roman Holiday, supported my theory of nice girly things. Exciting!

 photo 417692a8-3257-4abe-835f-6ac56ed2ed7c.jpg

 photo eca3a92d-7800-4302-bf5a-5199a5247f90.jpg

And after reading the menu through, I couldn't wait to rip the whole thing open.

 photo 1b741491-dbff-4b1c-b769-f3f0f2f1360c.jpg

Looking good, huh?

 photo 71dff4c2-6857-4ac0-b997-e4dc0279eb2f.jpg

Not a bad box at all... Let's take a proper look to the products.

 photo 5ef60646-fcee-429a-95c2-f8cbff4c5770.jpg

Eylure Individual Lashes

A brand I've actually used before, I totally like their lashes, and was just the other day thinking about getting new individual lashes, so this couldn't have been better! I'll be definitely using these later in the parties and such.

 photo 59d7dbdb-f530-4528-8dee-a2030bde3373.jpg

Papier Poudré Paper Powder

I remember how my mom had these when I was a little girl, and I remember how it was so fancy to get to use them sometimes even though I didn't wear almost any makeup back then. Absolutely a great product for travel, when you need to patch up your makeup from time to time. So excited for this one too.

 photo 253d3552-bb80-49fa-80b1-ffd80caa8c28.jpg

Lash Card

Seriously? They make stuff like this? I'm excited to try this, but there's also another trick to prevent clumping,. So, if you use affordable brands, just like me, I don't think this is a very needed product, but for those who use Dior or other more pricey brands, this is a great deal - I guess.

 photo e8dd0fb3-1d04-490c-9b7d-ac8e68fc0a30.jpg

Académie Crème Veloutée Hydrating Treatment (+ 10eur gift card)

Yet another fun moisturizer (seriously, thanks to LivBox I don't need to buy the big ones as I get new moisturizer every month ;)). This one smells good, is easy to apply, and absorbs well to the skin. This sure is a great addition to my moisturizers.

 photo 550432ef-f653-444e-b3c0-0a3afcc007a8.jpg

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream

Deliciously scented moisturizing cream for hands. It includes chamomile, shea butter, and other goods for your skin. This little baby goes straight to my handbag, as my job makes my hands dry up totally and completely. This might just be the savior. It absorbs well and moisturizes the skin instantly.

And, last but certainly not the least:

 photo 0fac63cf-d8aa-495e-9f6a-1f142947106c.jpg

Ciaté Mini Paint Pot ♥

A fabulous little Ciaté bottle that I couldn't even find first (it had dug its way to the bottom of the box, under the black shreds) but when I did, I literally yelled with joy. I got a fantastic little shade called Heirloom (nr. 116) and have already an idea how to use that in a manicure. Heirloom is a neat glitter polish, that has very fine glitter in it, and it has a beautiful duochrome effect to it. I'm sure this will get a lot of use, especially when the autumn arrives - but probably already sooner.

So, what do you guys think about the products? Are these new to you, or have you tried them out before? ♥

And to my Finnish readers: Joko sinä olet avannut oman LivBoxisi? Mitä boxistasi löytyi, ja mitä pidit tuotteista? :)

I gotta go now to prepare a dinner before going to work, but I'll be back soon! ;)

Have a beautiful day!

Blog ya later,




  1. Box of goodies:) Really like the packaging, the products are new to us, but looks great.

    Good luck with the detox.


  2. The polish you got is GORGEOUS! I've tried lash cards before with my ipsy bag and didn't really care for them either!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. I can believe that - I think they aren't that great. And yeah, the polish is amazing!! ♥

  3. Mä tykkäsin tosi paljon tän kuun boksista. :) Varsinki tohon kosteusvoiteeseen rakastuin ihan totaalisesti! <3

    1. Joo, samoilla linjoilla! Toi kosteusvoide on ihan mahtava! ♥

  4. Great products and I can imagine how you felt finding the Ciate bottle.


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