Spikes On My Shoulders

Heya babes!

I hope you're all having a fun Monday ♥

I'm finally off from school, and can focus on my own things for a change. That's amazing, and I like it a lot. And the first thing I wanted to do is to have a sort of detox week - to get the stress-based filth away from my body, along with a little liquid weight. I'll make a post about it next week, telling how it worked for me.

Has any of you tried detox lately? Was it good for you?

Today, I'm finally sharing the last outfit with my old hair - so starting tomorrow, you can expect posts with the new hair that I've already showed you here.

But, without further ado, to the outfit I wore to school few weeks ago.

 photo 75cf9bfa-b7fa-4481-8a98-23b150db72f8.jpg

 photo 22aa7df4-dc96-4684-baaf-30bc462de754.jpg

 photo 5dadf2d4-cc69-483b-a0b5-281595a7c63d.jpg

 photo 8fc6aaab-0647-45b3-8d7a-08f7fce75211.jpg

 photo acd91ed3-b3bc-4422-a781-b6fc72d2d15c.jpg

 photo db5767ed-43b2-4851-b207-637245887e19.jpg

 photo 6ef56a92-0844-41ef-89be-11e48178c777.jpg

 photo abfda90c-efe0-4330-9266-99e4294dd378.jpg

Blazer: H&M Spiked Shoulder Pads: Boohoo Top: Gina Tricot Jeans: New Yorker Biker Boots: Ebay Necklace: SpiritStore Hat: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Nelly.com Bag: Mango

Sporting my quite new blazer from H&M, but spiced it up with some little gold elements. The spiked shoulder pads were such an amazing find from Boohoo, and I love how they add an extra edge to the look. Also, the boots are here to stay, I'm completely in love with them. Though, as the weather gets warmer, I'm more drawn to the ballet flats and heels - like probably most girls out there! :D

So guys, what do you think about the look here? Yay or nay? 

I'm off now, to do household chores, work out, and plan my eating for the first days of detox. ;) I'll be back very soon with another post, though!

Have a fabulous day ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Tuo bleiseri on niin upea! Ihanat yksityiskohdat :)

    1. Kiitos ihanainen! ♥ Arvasin et tykkäät bleiseristä ;)

  2. Did you dye your hair? It looks different! Love it!


    1. The day after these photos were taken, yes, I did. I know it's bit confusing as there's pictures of both of the hairstyles, but it ends to this post ;) ♥

  3. The jacket looks so incredible with the studs! Such a cool look. Good luck on the detox - I think I might have to join you on it.

    1. Thank you, and that's a great idea. I know mine isn't exactly a 100% detox (I do eat, so it's not just water/detox mixes) but it's something that's good for me. More on that next week! ♥

  4. Näytät ihan älyttömän hyvältä! ^^ Ihana hattu, jakku.. Upea asu ihan kokonaisuudessaaan !

    Ja kiitos, buttonin nappaamisesta :) Lisäilen jollain tapaa sinunkin blogiisi linkin sivupalkkiini.

    Indie by heart

    1. Voi kiitos ihanuus! ♥ Ei kiirettä sen linkin kanssa, ja mulla itse asiassa tulee pian tohon sellanen napattava button - voin linkkailla sen sullekin sit ;)

  5. what a crazy jacket, love the spike shoulders!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

    1. Haha, isn't it awesome? And because the spikes come off easily, they can be attached to any jacket ;) ♥

  6. Ai noi piikkiolkapäät on irrotettavat! :o huippua, tosi kaunis ja toimiva kokonaisuus! <3

    1. Jep, se on niiden paras ominaisuus ;) Noita olis helppo väsää itekin, mistä sainkin postausidean... ;D Kiitos ihanasta kommentista! ♥


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