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How are you all today? ♥

I've been having amazing time with my boys the past few days - and hence have not been so active online. :) But yesterday, our mailman brought me a nice package for me, and I thought I should share that with you today.

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The package was, of course, the latest edition of LivBox, and I was happy to see the chosen theme was Summer, and the color this month was sunny orange.

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The list of products got me pretty curious, as they were brands I had heard of, but never dared to try them out. So this is a great chance to get to know them more.

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Under the orange wrapping there was a nice bunch of products, and three of them were actually the normal size instead of sample size.

 photo DSC02267Large.jpg

Clarins Skin Perfecting Cream 

A BB cream with a hint of perfume to it. Promises to blend in perfectly, includes sunscreen, and is supposedly good for the skin. I only tried this on my hand so far, but it seems impressive. I will test drive this better when my current BB cream runs out.

 photo 41b3df6a-9469-4ce6-bb06-badd6a98ddf0.jpg

Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer

Another moisturizer from these boxes. Some people think it's lame there are these each month, but I find it convenient, since it's easier to look fresh when your skin is feeling well. This moisturizer comes with SPF 15, which is awesome for summer, and it also clears out the signs of ageing. (Not too important for me yet, but nice feature anyways.) The smell is pleasant - reminds me bit of a sunscreen, actually - but not too powerful. So this fits for a allergic person such as me. The cream moisturizes the skin instantly and absorbs very quickly as well. Totally a great product for summer - especially when it's such a convenient size. ;)

 photo DSC02271Large.jpg

Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Intensifying Sun Lotion

These tan intensifying sun lotions are a new thing for me, so I don't really have an opinion about them. I actually bought one this month, but haven't busted it out just yet. This one, however, smells quite nice and spreads nicely to the skin. I need to try this out on a super sunny day before really giving any more details about it, but it seems promising.

 photo DSC02272Large.jpg

Depend Nail Polish - Shade 318

Cute minty/pistachio-like shade with a tiny metallic glow. I have tried Depend before, and for such an affordable brand, the polishes are pretty good. The size of them is nice even for travelling, and they come in such many colors that anyone can find their favorite there. So, for a girl who likes to do their nails, but doesn't want to spend too much on polish, I would recommend this brand quite warmly. This isn't necessarily my go-to shade in the summer, but I'm sure I'll find use to it in Autumn. (Or when I get a better tan, whichever comes first.)

 photo DSC02274Large.jpg

MSCHIC Lip Kiss Lip Gloss - Shade French Pink

Very cute nude shade, with a tiniest hint of gold to it. Looks so much better on lips than on the tube. Isn't as sticky as most of the lip glosses, which is super cool. It is very shiny, and quite rich in pigment even with only a thin coat on. As I like strong eye makeup, this lip gloss is a perfect addition to my makeup bag, since it makes it easy to bring out the lips without making the whole look too heavy.

 photo DSC02276Large.jpg

Sebamed After Sun Soothing Balm

The perfect summer product. It takes care of the skin after sun, sooths, cools down and prevents the skin from premature aging (from the sun). The balm feels really nice on the skin, and I really think it will work wonders on sun-kissed skin. I need to try this out next time I spend a long time in the sunlight. I think it's super fun they gave out this product on full size instead of sample size, as you get to properly try it out.

Now, what do you have to say about these products? Have you tried any of them? Would you recommend them - or do they have better alternatives on the market? Share your thoughts! ♥

I'm off now, to catch up on my TV shows and eat something (I'm starving here...) but I'll get back to business as soon as I can. ;)

Have a fantastic week! ♥

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  1. Looks like a great box. I love Olay products - I need to really need this cream.

    1. Thanks, I've never tried them before but now I got the chance for that :)

  2. Great products!!!
    The bb sounds tempting!

  3. Tosi kiva, kesään sopiva paketti! Etenkin nuo aurinkotuotteet tulevat tarpeeseen. :) Sain pari eri tuotetta kuin sinä, esim. eri värisen kynsilakan ja mulla ei ollut tuota PizBuinia. Julkaisen oman boxi-postauksen piakkoin :)

    Indie by heart

    1. Uu, kuulostaa kivalta! Pitääkin tsekata sun postaukses läpi ;) ♥


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