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Hi everyone!

How are you today? ♥

I have been enjoying a quite lazy day today, followed by a pretty hectic shift at work. Now, I probably should be in bed already, but I couldn't resist putting up a quick little post first. :)

As you might remember, I told you I was going to have a No Buy October. And, even though this post is about few new things, I haven't broken the promise I made myself. These are little things I purchased last month, but didn't have the chance to post them earlier. ;)

 photo DSC04852Large.jpg

So, few things from one of my favorite stores, Boohoo. I like their collection, all the items are the kind of style I like to wear, and their prices are pretty affordable.

 photo DSC04855Large.jpg

White lace dress

I chose this as I haven't ever really had a pretty white dress. Even though this might be too cold to wear anymore during this year, I know I will be wearing this next spring with boots and cute accessories. ;)

 photo DSC04858Large.jpg

Leopard detail onesie

As I don't have that many "just for chilling at home" kind of clothes, I was over the moon when I found this one. It's super comfy, and warm, and I love the fact it has the word GEEK printed on it. I promise I will post a picture of me wearing this during the winter, haha.

 photo DSC04859Large.jpg

Lilac hoodie

I love hoodies for casual days, and especially if they are both cute and warm. I'm still not sure if lilac is my color, but at least I can use this at home and while jogging.

 photo DSC04865Large.jpg

Aztec print leggings

These are already a favorite, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that already. I even painted my nails matching to these the other day. :D Obsessed? Yeah, you bet I am.

 photo DSC04864Large.jpg

Studded bag with fringe

As I didn't have a nice, medium-sized bag, I totally fell in love with this one. It's not so big that I can stuff it too heavy, but yet it's big enough to hold a DSLR camera and the necessities in it. And I love, love, love the details.

 photo DSC04870Large.jpg

Baby pink booties with perspex heels

I guess you already know how I love this kind of shoes - given that I have two pairs in black - so this is probably not a big surprise here. Sure, I'm more of a girl that wears flats all around, but if I want a killer pair of heels, I go for booties. The color on these babies was so adorable i simply couldn't resist them. But these, like the lace dress, might have to wait for next spring to actually get used.

So, these were my last purchases before November - when it comes to clothing. (There's still another little haul I'll post next week, but that's whole other stuff.)

Have you been finding any nice things lately? ♥

Now, I really need to go and crash, as I have so much to do tomorrow!

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Ihanat kengät, väri on ihanan tyttömäinen:3 ♥

    1. No eikö olekin? :) Oli kyllä melkoiset rakkauskengät - eikä alle 40e hinta kauheasti kirpaissut lompakossakaan. ♥

  2. Quite a haul, johanna! I LOVE those shoes!

    1. Hehe, I know. And I love the shoes, too - can't wait to get to wear them! ♥

  3. Aivan ihana pitsimekko! Ja nuo kengät, u-pe-at ^^ Kivoja löytöjä kyllä. En ole itse tilaillut Boohoo'sta mitään, pitää kurkkia joku kerta :)

    xx Satu
    Indie by heart

    1. Suosittelen kyllä lämpimästi, en oo kertaakaan joutunut pettymään tuotteisiin tai palveluun, ja hinnat on ainakin mun mielestä ihan kohtuullisia. Lisäks tuolla on usein alekoodeja tai koko valikoimaa koskevia alennuksia :) Esimerkiksi toi mekko lähti vähän reilun kymmen euron hintaan kotiin ;)

  4. Very inspiring post dear <3 X Anna

  5. I love boohoo. They do some great pieces. That white dress is so perfect.

    1. They really do, I love to buy from them. And I agree with you about the dress, and I can't wait to show pictures with it :) ♥


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