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Heya lovelies!

Happy Tuesday ♥

Today, I've been spending the day inside because of the grey weather, but luckily my fiance has had the day off so I could've spent some quality time with him (watching a movie and playing NHL14). Few minutes ago, I just got back from work, but before I go to sleep, I wanted to share my first ever purchase from Born Pretty Store with you. (Another, and last one from the time before my shopping ban. ;))

Born Pretty Store sells all kinds of literally pretty stuff, and for very reasonable price. They have free shipping, too, which is always a big bonus for me. Shipping to Finland usually costs a lot for some reason, so I favor shops that don't have extra shipping costs. The shipping took it's time, but didn't exceed the predicted time, which I find a good thing as it builds my trust for the shop. Every item was as described - or even better, and nothing was missing or broken when I got the delivery.

Now, what did I buy?

 photo DSC04890Large.jpg

You can imagine my excitement for this glittery package, right?

 photo DSC04892Large.jpg

Pens for picking up glitter, rhinestones and other small nail art decoration.

 photo DSC04897Large.jpg

Black studs (why can't they sell these in Finland, seriously?) in shape of squares and tiny, black rhinestones. Totally useful when creating rock chic nails. Love these. I can see these paired with so many things.

 photo DSC04899Large.jpg

Neon studs. These were simply too delicious to pass, and they even come in two shapes each. That's way cool.

 photo DSC04894Large.jpg

Basic set of colorful rhinestones. Now, you may know that I actually already have a wheel like this, but reason that I got a new one is that mine is from a craft store, and the rhinestones mostly lose their color and shine when combined with nail polish. So, would I recommend this instead? Totally. And these have a better quality otherwise too. I actually tried this yesterday for the first time, and so far, I'm totally happy with them.

 photo DSC04903Large.jpg

Metal studs in different shapes. I'm so excited to get to wear these later on, I'm sure that it's easy to create all kinds of fun things with these. :) And, these look easier to work with than the stickers I've had so far.

 photo DSC04905Large.jpg

Hexagon glitter in silver and gold. I had a hard time choosing from the amazing variety, but finally decided on these ones that sparkle in colors of the rainbow.

 photo DSC04907Large.jpg

These can be used in many ways, and once you buy a pot, there's a good chance you never have to get another one, as there's so much of it. Of course, that depends on what you do with them.

 photo DSC04906Large.jpg

Look at the shiny silver pieces! I love this glitter so, so much. I actually tried this out already, too, and so far, I'm loving it a lot.

 photo DSC04913Large.jpg

And, since I haven't bought new stamping plates in a while, and want to get back into the fun of stamping, I got myself 6 new plates. The one on the left was a great find for many reasons, obviously I kinda like many American things, and British as well, so having a plate that helps me to create New York themed nails, Union Jack nails, or even LV nails (as you can probably see) is kind of a must. The other one, well, I bought that purely for the Audrey picture. I don't see myself using the others that much.

 photo DSC04917Large.jpg

Next pair: skulls and kisses. I've been trying to paint skulls and bones a couple of times, but it's such a pain that I rather have this plate to help me. And because a girl might always want nice Valentines Day nails, the "kisses" sure come in handy. Of course, the mustaches are a fabulous bonus, even if I'm not that much into the trend. But maybe I could do a fun set of Movember nails next month. ;)

 photo DSC04919Large.jpg

And the last two. Animal print plate (haha, no, I didn't have one before, can you believe?) and one for games and sports cars. I can't wait to try these out, I bet it would be fun to do poker nails or giraffe ones. In my opinion, the dice dots are pretty unnecessary, unless you only use stamping plates and don't own other tools. You can use a dotting tool for that design too. But they came along, so that's fine.

 photo DSC04920Large.jpg

Look at this Ferrari logo! I seriously can't wait to create something fun with it. ;)

Would I recommend ordering from Born Pretty Store?

Definitely. Though, you may have to be a bit patient with the delivery. But with items like these, I don't think that matters so much. All in all, I'm super happy with the store and will definitely be buying more from there later on.

Now, this girl will enjoy a cup of decaf tea, and try to get some sleep earlier than usual. :)

Have a lovely day ♥

Blog ya later,




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    1. Hehe, I know! Girl needs her sparkle, right? ;) ♥

  2. Everything here is so perfect for DIY projects and nail art - especially loving those glitter pots!! :)

    1. I'm totally agreeing! I predict many glitter placement manis in the future ;)

  3. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC (270), would you mind to follow back?

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    1. Hi Mandy, I'll give a visit for your blog, it sounds really nice! :)

  4. I saw the first pic on instagram! You lucky girl :)

    1. Hehe, well, for a little amount of dollars any girl can be this lucky ;) But thanks sweetie! ♥


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