Nail Art Challenge: Other's Choice

Heya lovelies!

Sorry that I didn't post this yesterday, like I meant to, but to be honest I was way too tired to open the laptop and start typing straight after work. I hope you understand. Today, I've been spending time in Helsinki, in the I Love Me Fair, and so, I only now had really the time to sit down and write something.

So, in this post, I will talk a little more about the nails seen before on the previous post. They were actually the result of a challenge I received from Janita (click here to see her original post).

 photo DSC04383Large.jpg

As I write in English I was wondering how to translate the name and so on, but decided that "Other's Choice" is close enough to the original, "Toisen valitsemaa". The original idea comes from Sonne, and I must say that I'm pretty happy to get to try this challenge out. The rules are, as follows: (first in Finnish, then, an amateur translation to English :D)

Toisen valitsemaa -haaste

1. Pyydä jotakuta (ei toista kynsiharrastajaa, vaan mieluiten joku, joka on vähän pihalla näistä kynsijutuista) valitsemaan sinulle vapaasti 2-3 kynsilakkaa/koristetta/laattaa, joista sinun tulee tehdä kynnet itsellesi.

2. Pyri tekemään kynnet, joissa oikeasti viihtyisit, eli yhdistämään juttuja, joita et ehkä itse valitsisi, mutta joista kuitenkin tulisi loppujen lopuksi ihan kivat. Tai ainakin ota se asenne, että joskus voi tehdä kynnet vähän toisinkin. ;D

3. Muista jakaa haastetta ja toki kertoa eteenpäin, keneltä haasteen sait ja miten haaste menee! :)

Other's choice challenge

1. Ask someone (not another nail enthusiast, but rather someone that doesn't know that much about the nail art things) to choose you 2-3 nail polishes/decorations/stamping plates, that you have to use to create nails for yourself.

2. Try to create nails that you really feel comfortable with, and would actually wear. Meaning, combine stuff that you maybe normally wouldn't, but what actually come out pretty nicely. Or, at least, think that the nails can also be done a little differently from time to time. ;D

3. Remember to share the challenge and tell others where you got the challenge and what are the rules! :)

I asked my fiance to pick up three polishes (I didn't dare to let him rummage through my decoration stuff this time, as I was prepared for a disaster as it is. However, the man surprised me by choosing absolutely phenomenal combo of neon pink, turquoise, and very fine silver glitter. (Seriously? I mean, just, seriously? You're not supposed to know anything about nail art!)

 photo DSC04387Large.jpg yeah, not so much of a challenge for me. I may have to repeat this with some of his friends, I bet I can find someone there that doesn't know the first thing about nail art. Or maybe I need to let my man go through the decoration box as well. I don't know.

 photo DSC04392Large.jpg

The polishes used here were China Glaze - Escaping Reality, China Glaze - Fairy Dust and Ciaté Mini - Headliner. I used a dotting tool to create the flowers, and I quite like the technique. However, I need to perfect it a little bit. ;)

 photo DSC04399Large.jpg

And, then a couple of pictures with a little different light. I love the CG Fairy Dust as it brings amazing shine to any mani. Totally gorgeous.

 photo DSC04404Large.jpg

Notice the weird shape of the index finger? I hit it a bit before taking these pics and didn't feel like filing them all down. So, sorry if that bothers someone. ;)

What do you think about this mani? ♥

Now, I don't really know which of you would be into this challenge, but let's say that if you do this inspired by this post, let me know so I can check them out and link them here. :) But I really recommend this if you have free time and want to try something really new.

But right now, this girlie needs to crash and get some well deserved sleep! I try to have the time to write another post for you tomorrow, but I have loads to do, so we'll see about that.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Ihan mielettömän kivoja kysilakkauksia kyllä teet!!:) Ehdottomasti vaan lisää tällaisia!

    1. Voi kiitos ihana! Nämä ei kyllä tule täältä blogista ihan heti katoamaan :D ♥

  2. These look amazing and I have now followed you back on GFC #275! Keep in touch :) x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Thank you so much, Freya! And sure, keep in touch! ♥

  3. I'm tempted to take this challenge. It sounds fun. Love what you came up with. You made the colour combination work so well.

    1. Do it! Now! :D No, but really, you should, I would love to see that! ♥

  4. This challenge sounds like so much fun! :D

    And I love how you worked the polishes your fiance picked for you, great technique on the flowers also! I never thought of using a dotting tool to create this style of flowers, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, you should try this! And I was pleasantly surprised how good he was, picking the colors :D He has clearly paid attention to what I've told him :DD

      The technique was a nice find for me too, I liked it a lot. :)


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