Galaxy vs. Snowflakes ♥

Hey lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

Technically speaking I should be already sleeping, but I couldn't resist sharing this post with you before. I wouldn't have time for this for tomorrow as I'll be pulling over 8 hours of work and I need to do some household things before that, so... You get the thrill, right?

Anyways, here are two manicures I did a while ago, the common thing with these two is that they both are kind of white/blue color. And they have glitter. Like most of my nail art.

 photo DSC05931Large.jpg

So first up, my dripping galaxy nail art. My first time ever trying out the dripping kind of design, so I'm pretty happy how it turned out.

 photo DSC05934Large.jpg

Couple of shots taken in my DIY light box (sorry if the light looks super weird!). I kinda captured the rainbow effect of the glitter, which is pretty cool. I never get the glitter properly on film, but this time I nearly did!

 photo DSC05936Large.jpg

 photo DSC05945Large.jpg

For this mani, I used bunch of different purples, couple of blue ones and a white polish, most of which were China Glaze but honestly I don't remember. (Note to self: I need to start writing down which ones I use for the designs.)

 photo DSC05954Large.jpg

 photo DSC05955Large.jpg

The other mani today is more wintery. I used whites and some blue and totally tried to make a snow-themed mani.

 photo DSC05957Large.jpg

This is actually probably my favorite winter mani so far (and I've done already few holiday themed ones this year), I simply cannot get over how cute this was.

 photo DSC05959Large.jpg

The polishes I used here were China Glaze White On White, China Glaze There's Snow One Like You, China Glaze Snow Globe, and Konad stamping polish in blue. So yes, the snow flakes are stamped on the nails.

 photo DSC05963Large.jpg

I absolutely love the textured snow-like polish. I understand how that might be a very controversial polish, as it totally looks like fake snow, and that's way too much for some. I personally love it a lot, and I promise you I'll be doing more manicures with this during the winter time.

 photo DSC05965Large.jpg

So that's all I have for you today, I hope you liked this post as much I liked creating these designs!

I would also like to know what do you think about these designs, please tell me your thoughts on the comments below! ♥

Now, once again it's time for me to get some much needed beauty sleep as tomorrow, I need all my energy to get through the super long day. I try to be back at blogging as soon as I can, and it'll probably be on Friday but we'll see about that.

Have a lovely day, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. amazing nail arts! I love the first one. :)

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  2. Molemmat aivan ihania, mutta tykkäsin enemmän nuista jälkimmäisistä! Todella lumiset♥ :3

    1. Juu ne on kyllä omasta mielestänikin tosi söpöt ;) ♥

  3. Love both nail looks!

  4. These nail designs are amazing. Love the texture in the second set.

    1. Thank you sweetie, I totally love the texture too! ♥

  5. You always amaz me with your nails design!

  6. Wow I love this!! Thank you for the tutorial. I'm gonna try it soon :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. Thank you, I'm glad if my posts are any helpful :) ♥

  7. oot kyllä niin uskomattoman taitava näpertelemään näitä kynsiä! :) Sun pitäis miettiä jotain kynsiteknikon-uraa kyllä! :D <3

    1. Hihi, katotaan mihin elämä vie :D Kiitos kovasti kauniista sanoistasi ♥

  8. Love it! What stamping plate did you use for the snowflake?


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