Lunch at Anthony's

Heya guys!

How are you all? Had a great weekend? ♥

We did, we visited friends and once again enjoyed great foods - more about those later on, though.

A while back we decided to try out a restaurant we hadn't been in ever before, Anthony's. It claims out to have somewhat American/Italian kind of menu, which appeals to me quite a lot. Also, in the end you can see what I wore that day.

 photo DSC05760Large.jpg

Even though I don't drink that much beer, from time to time, I think there's nothing better than a cold bottle of Sol with a lime wedge.

 photo DSC05781Large.jpg

Lime wedge. Bubbles. Love. (Seriously I'm promoting this beer way too much here. Kids, do not start drinking before you're old enough to legally do it. Even though this oldie here is being a horrible example to you all.)

 photo DSC05777Large.jpg

Almost makeupless me after my last hair stylist appointment. And the beer. Again.

 photo DSC05761Large.jpg

As by night, in the same space as Anthony's there's a nightclub called Miami, they have pretty fun decor around. Like a bunch of chandeliers up on the ceiling. I loved them so much.

 photo DSC05782Large.jpg

And my meal, triple cheese burger ♥ Insanely good, nice fries and all, and as it was lunchtime, this was all 50 percent off. Love it.

That day, we didn't have the proper chance to take photos of the outfit I wore when we were lunching. Instead, we noticed the weather being very nice on the next day, so we headed out to take the pics then. Hence, different makeup.

 photo DSC05803Large.jpg

 photo DSC05846Large.jpg

 photo DSC05814Large.jpg

 photo DSC05851Large.jpg

 photo DSC05830Large.jpg

 photo DSC05856Large.jpg

 photo DSC05807Large.jpg

Jeans: Cubus Leather jacket: secondhand Knit: Boohoo Scarf: Boohoo Hat: H&M Bag: Boohoo Biker boots: eBay Bird ring: SpiritStore Watch: from my mom

Very, very simple outfit, just the kind of comfy thing I like to wear most of the time when the weather gets colder. Of course now, when there's snow on the ground, even that looks a bit chilly to me. :D

But, what do you lovelies think about this look? ♥

Now, I need to boil myself a cup of tea and browse through some blogs before getting some much needed sleep.

Have a fabulous day!

Blog ya later,




  1. I like your look and the subtle makeup!

  2. D'aw you are so beautiful and your nails are so unique! Have a lovely day! xx

    <(") Hoda

    1. Thank you so much honey, have a lovely day, too! ♥

  3. Kiva tuo kello, tosi tunnelmallinen!:) kivoja kuvia yleensäkin, sulla on kiva blogi!!

    1. Voi kiitos paljon, tykkäilen itsekin kellosta kovasti :) ♥


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