Sequin Jacket ♥

Hey guys ♥

How are you all today?

I'm still bit adjusting for my early bird morning schedule, but luckily this shift leaves my creative time (which is the evening) open for writing and planning blog posts. So that is pretty awesome, and I also feel more energetic even though I have to get up at ungodly hour to get to work in time.

Things this week has already taught me though:

♥ Breakfast is possible even as early as 5am

♥ It is possible to get ready for work in 30 minutes

♥ Sometimes technology just hates you for no visible reason

♥ There aren't many things more beautiful than a sunny winter morning

♥ A warm coat can actually make you love the cold days

Have you learned anything new this week?

But the real reason I started typing this post is an outfit we photographed before the really cold front hit this city. Now I couldn't imagine going out without a coat just to take pictures, it's way too cold for that. At least, to me.

 photo DSC06567Large.jpg

So this is an outfit I wore earlier this month when I really just wanted to kind of dress up without really dressing up. So I put on a simple look and just added the sequin blazer to make it more glam. There's really not much more to say about the look. Except that now that I look at it, I would change the shoes. :D

 photo DSC06577Large.jpg

 photo DSC06573Large.jpg

 photo DSC06581Large.jpg
These nails can be seen more properly here
 photo DSC06585Large.jpg

 photo DSC06570Large.jpg

Blazer: Boohoo Top: secondhand Jeans: Gina Tricot Boots: SpiritStore Necklace: Gina Tricot Ring:

I totally love wearing that blazer and can't wait for the spring so that I can properly rock it outside. Now, because of the weather, I'm kinda forced to snuggle in chunky knits and thick coats, but that won't last too long before the weather gets warmer. ;) So I might as well enjoy it. I have some more wintery outfits coming up pretty soon here, so if you wanna see how I get by on winter, just stay tuned. ♥

Now, we're gonna hit the grocery store and after that, it's relationship time for us before this girl needs to hit the bed again. But, I have a little post already planned for tomorrow, so if you like my posts, you don't have to wait for long.

Have a lovely day!


  1. That is a very pretty blazer! :) And a very cool outfit.

  2. Such a pretty jacket. Definitely enough to brighten up winter.

    1. Thanks Sherin! I definitely plan on wearing that even more in spring :) ♥

  3. Love your accessories and jacket!

  4. You totally nailed this look ,i'm loving the jacket and your accessories.

  5. Oi ihana kimaltava bleiseri! Tää harakka ihastu totaalisesti. :D Tosi kauniilta näytät taas, niinkun aina.<3

    1. Hihi, en kans ite voinut vastustaa kun löysin sen Boohoosta :D Oon haaveillu glitter/paljettibleiseristä niin pitkään :D Kiitos kovasti ihana ♥

  6. I love those high-waisted jeans, fabulous!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

    1. Thank you, they're one of my favorite pairs :) ♥


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