Super Easy Banana Pancakes ♥

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I've been enjoying the beautiful weather today, and it actually inspired me to make some healthyish brunch for myself while my fiance was still sleeping. As the recipe was super easy and the results delicious, I thought I'd share it with you.

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Banana Pancakes

1 big serving
1 banana
2 eggs
4 tablespoons granola (optional)

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Put the banana and the eggs into a blender, or in a proper cup to use some kind of other mixer.

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Mix them thoroughly.

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Add in granola if you wish, and mix with a spoon.

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Take out a frying pan, and heat up a little oil on it. Test out the temperature with a small amount of dough before really starting to cook the pancakes. Once the little piece cooks nicely, you can start cooking the real ones. This way, they don't just end up super oily, yet uncooked.

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Make sure the temperature is set on medium or low when you cook the pancakes, so that they won't burn. Also make sure they still cook, and don't just sit on the oil. Cook them on both sides until they're golden brown or so. This takes a bit of patience, but don't rush it so that you don't burn them.

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Serve them right away with the desired toppings ♥ I had blueberries, small amount of light syrup and whipped cream. And I added a little powdered sugar for decoration, but you don't really need that in my opinion, unless you like yours super sweet.

I really liked this recipe as it was so, so easy and because it fits to many different diets as it doesn't include milk, gluten or added sugar (before the toppings). The granola I used was totally gluten-free and it had some dried blueberries in it, so basically you can do many, many different pancakes with this recipe. It is so easy to alter, and the amounts are easy to double or so, so if you wanna make these for the whole family, that goes very nicely too.

I will try to write another post later today, but until then...

Have a fabulous day! ♥


  1. Those looks so good, especially with the added blueberries! yum yum!

  2. oooh this seems super yummy! i wanna try it and it's healthy-ish! haha

    xo, Carla

    1. Haha, well, one can have healthier toppings than I did :D ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, they were pretty amazing, I gotta say! ♥


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