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Hello everyone!

How are you all? ♥

Once again the week has gone by incredibly fast, and I can't believe I haven't blogged after Monday. Well, technically, after Thursday, as I wrote the posts for the weekend beforehand. Anyway, I'm back now, and today I really just wanted to share some goodies I got this week from Born Pretty Store. There's more than just nail things, so don't worry, you can keep reading, haha.

 photo DSC08430Large.jpg

So this is the pile of stuff I got, I decided to try out the surprise bags once again so there's some items I couldn't predict at all. Also, I had some things for the giveaway I'll be hosting after we hit the 300 GFC readers - which I will only show once the giveaway is up. I've got many nice things for it, so definitely stay tuned for that. Hopefully we'll hit the number soon.

Okay, you probably want to see the items now, right? Let's do that.

 photo DSC08432Large.jpg

So first up, we have these temporary tattoos with cute bird design. I'm so indecisive I really can't pick a real tattoo and be sure I'm happy with it forever, and therefore it's better for me to stick with these ones for now. But aren't they cute?

 photo DSC08433Large.jpg

A hairband, the telephone wire type I've been dying to try out. I wish it was pink, though.

 photo DSC08436Large.jpg

Random jewelry from a surprise bag, I love them!

 photo DSC08435Large.jpg

Neon stickers for nails - perfection for summer manicures!

 photo DSC08439Large.jpg

Fiercely long nail tips, which I might try out for a photo shoot or such, but don't know yet. Also from a surprise box as I don't buy these on my own.

 photo DSC08441Large.jpg

Cute baby pink press-on nails. Another thing I didn't know I was getting, but I would definitely use these for a week when my nails need to be without nail polish.

 photo DSC08445Large.jpg

Random nail charms, all of them are pretty adorable.

 photo DSC08447Large.jpg

Black bows for nails - I have these on white as well, and I figured the black ones would be a great addition.

 photo DSC08448Large.jpg

A striping tape. Because there's never too many. Except when there is.

 photo DSC08452Large.jpg

And last, but definitely not least, pastel studs! You all know how much I love studs on anything, so these were the perfect thing to go with my new pastel nail polishes.

So, what do you think about my little haul? ♥

Remember, if you wanna go and get any of these items - or something else - from the Born Pretty store, grab the discount code JVNT10 and use it at the checkout to get 10% off of your purchase.

Now, I gotta get going with the evening snack, but I'll be back soon, hopefully with the Easter pictures!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. I love the look of everything you got especially the cute earings! x
    My Lush & Body Shop Haul! | Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Thank you so much :) I love the earrings a lot, too :) ♥

  2. Looks like you got some lovely stuff. It's always nice to treat yourself. The bangle is absolutely amazing.

    1. I think so too, little things from time to time make anyone feel so good. :) ♥


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