Dreamcatcher vs. Glitter ♥

Hello everyone!

How are you all? ♥

Finally this crazy week is over and I can focus more on fun things - like blogging. So today, I really wanna share these two nail art designs with you.

 photo DSC07890Large.jpg

First, this cute design with a dreamcatcher on it. The whole thing is entirely handpainted, in case you are wondering. ;)

 photo DSC07895Large.jpg

And of course this wouldn't have been complete without a feather. I think I'm getting better at painting these things, sort of.

 photo DSC07897Large.jpg

I played here with the glitter and rhinestones too, thinking they would compliment the whole thing very nicely. Also, that brought more color to the mani, which I truly like.

 photo DSC07898Large.jpg

The polishes I used were China Glaze Highlight of My Summer, At Vase Value, Sun of A Peach and White On White, Essie Licorice and A Cut Above. The rhinestones are from Born Pretty Store, and for painting I used a thin brush and a dotting tool.

 photo DSC07907Large.jpg

As many of you know from Instagram, I actually switched back to square nails not too long ago. Not sure how long this love affair will last, but for now, it still seems easier to maintain than the almond ones. I will post few manicures with the almonds later on, so don't get confused.

 photo DSC08348Large.jpg

So, the other design. Not much to say about it, it was just a fun little number with lots of glitter.

 photo DSC08350Large.jpg photo DSC08353Large.jpg

The polishes here were China Glaze It's A Trap-Eze!, Pizzazz, and In The Limelight. Also, there's China Glaze White On White as a base so that the colors would stand out better.

 photo DSC08359Large.jpg

I think I really love my nails as squares, as this shape is easy to maintain pretty even if it's short. A long as you remember to round the corners a tiny bit.

 photo DSC08361Large.jpg

So, that's what I have for you today. Just a bit of nail stuff yet again.

What do you think about these manicures? Do you like them? And, what's your ail shape right now? ♥

Now, I must go on and work on the early dinner/late lunch, after which I need to get some workout, get the groceries sorted and finally built up a decent media kit. I feel like such a lame blogger for not having one so it's about time to. Also, there's other little things I have to do for the blog so that'll probably be my weekend all summed up. But I'll be back with another post tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

Have a fabulous weekend! ♥


  1. Wow :D really pretty manicure :d Love it!
    I really like the first one :D
    Have a nice day, kisses ;*


  2. The first set is beautiful. I love the feather print.


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