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Hey lovelies!

Hope you're having a lovely week. ♥

Guess what? Today I'm gonna show you a little something I already introduced a little on my Instagram yesterday - my latest makeup haul. It's full of colors, so if you're not into that, I recommend checking back later. ;)

However, to the haul:

 photo DSC08836Large.jpg

So, two palettes and five lipsticks from Makeup Revolution. I saw their products on one of my blogger friends' IG and immediately had to check them out. You guys know how much I like budget products such as MUA Cosmetics. Well, this is kind of similar, except the products have different colors and are a little different. As I wear MUA stuff about daily, I figured I'd give these a try as well. So I ordered these all, and my total before shipping was only £13.

 photo DSC08837Large.jpg

First, let's take a closer look to the lipsticks. I ordered the whole Scandalous Lipsticks collection as the colors are something I've been wanting to try out. I know I'm going a bit crazy with the makeup trials but try to be patient with me.

 photo DSC08840Large.jpg

The pink is called Crime, it's a bit darker and more purple in real life, I'd say, and not quite as fuchsia as it looks here. Pretty lovely color, anyways.

 photo DSC08842Large.jpg

The purple one, named Depraved, is very interesting looking shade of purple - which I'm pretty sure I'll be using for some more edgy looks later on.

 photo DSC08845Large.jpg

From the even crazier side are the last three, first of which I'm showing you Felony - the yellow one. I've been trying to create nice lips with this, but so far I haven't been successful. It's a beautiful color, but at least mine is so sheer that the natural pink of my lips comes through too much. I'll work out the proper primer for this, and I'll get back to you.

 photo DSC08847Large.jpg

The bold orange one, Vice - which I tested out already and liked quite a lot. The shade is very wearable and gives good enough coverage.

 photo DSC08853Large.jpg

And last but not least of the lip products: The blue one, which is called Immoral. I absolutely love this shade and the name, and can't wait to figure out the look this goes together with!

 photo DSC08863Large.jpg

Here you can see quick swatches of all of them on the back of my hand. From left to right: Crime, Depraved, Felony, Vice and Immoral. I will do proper lip swatches of these next week, but stay tuned on Instagram for sneak peeks.

 photo DSC08838Large.jpg

Next, let's go into the eyeshadows. These are seriously so, so bright and I can't wait to create crazy eye looks with these. Also with these, you can already find one look on my IG profile, where I post stuff that doesn't make it (yet at least) into the blog.

 photo DSC08864Large.jpg

This palette is Redemption palette Matte Brights. They really are matte (yay, no shimmer!) and they are really bright. The palette has 12 different shades, all of them bright and pretty amazing.

 photo DSC08867Large.jpg

And here are the colors swatched, without any primer or such. So they might be even more vibrant if used wet or with primer.

 photo DSC08872Large.jpg

And last, but certainly not least, Redemption palette Acid Brights. This one is an amazing neon/brights palette with great selection of colors. With this, I've already created one eye look, and there will surely be many more.

 photo DSC08876Large.jpg

And here are the swatches. Pretty amazing even as they are, but they get so much more vibrant with primer and such. I'll create some looks later here for you to see, so definitely stay tuned for that.

So, let me know what you think about this haul in the comments below. You can also throw in suggestions of looks with the products here, and I can try and make some pictorials or something.

Now, I'm off to bed, but tomorrow, I will give you a sunny little post with a little bit of a surprise. So see you in few hours or so.

Have a lovely day! ♥


  1. Vautsi, mulla on etsinnässä hyviä luomivärejä jotka tarttuu hyvin (mulla on joitakin halppis paletteja joista ei oo mihinkään ja jotkut niistä taas tarttuu tosi hyvin). Tuo viimeinen paletti on aivan mahtava, ihania värejä ♥
    Ja tosi rohkeita nuo huulipunat, varsinkin tuo sininen!:o En malta odottaa että teet meikkipostauksia missä nämä ovat kokeilussa:3

    1. Voin kertoa että ainakin ensivaikutelma näistä on hyvä, ja mitä nyt oon pari kertaa kokeillut tehdä ihan lookkeja näillä, niin hyvin ovat luomivärit pysyneet. :) Huulipunat taas on ollu nyt semmonen hassu pakkomielle, et on pitänyt saada vähän epätavallisempia sävyjä käyttöön - nyt kun vielä keksin sopivan silmämeikin tuon sinisen kaveriksi ;) ♥

  2. wow!!! Today bright lipstick is in demand . There are various different shades available in lipstick. It will only individual choice which one they prefer most.


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