Sunny Day With Hawaiian Tropic ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

It's so nice and sunny here in Finland and I've been enjoying my free afternoons outside - except for today, when I've had like a thousand things to do inside. Boo. But today, I really wanted to share this quick little post with you, and on the bottom, there's a little surprise for my Finnish readers (sorry my international friends, but this wasn't up to me).

The following products have been sent to me as a collaboration. However, the opinions are my own and I don't post about things I don't like or approve of.

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Few days back, the mailman came with this package I didn't remember ordering. What was inside?

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A lovely basket from Reddville SheSocial, who have this nice campaign with Hawaiian Tropic that I was lucky enough to get in along other great bloggers. I received four delicious smelling products that are said to pamper my skin during and after sunbathing. Well, after smelling them through, I totally agree that they smell amazing. And yesterday, I actually put three of these to the test as I was having my first proper beach sunbathing of this summer.

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First, I started with a clean and dry skin, and applied a layer of the Tanning Oil. Now, for those who don't know, this isn't a self-tanner or anything, but it is - I think - to help you get a tan a bit easier or so. I've never tried this before, so it was pretty exciting. This doesn't have a sunscreen in it, so I wouldn't leave the house without a sunscreen. This one smells like coconut and it feels pretty good on the skin.

 photo DSC08886Large.jpg

At the beach, I had this low protection Dry Spray Oil with me. It has SPF 10, which really, to me, is very low, but for the sake of experimenting, I reasoned it's enough for now. This also smells like coconut, so I didn't feel weird putting this on top of the tanning oil when the sun started to feel a bit too hot on my skin.

 photo DSC08888Large.jpg

After the sunbathing, I got home and washed off the oils from my skin. They were pretty easy to clean, even with the dry spray oil being water resistant. Then, I added the After Sun Moisturizing Lotion, which felt pretty soothing on my skin, and it smells like tropical fruits with a hint of aloe vera. So it's a nice product to add on the previously sun-kissed skin.

The one I didn't get to try out so far is the SPF 30 Sunscreen, but it feels nice, and it smells pretty tropical as well, so I can definitely see myself trying that out later this summer - maybe already this weekend.

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Now, for my Finnish readers out there:

Haluaisitko tilaisuuden voittaa postauksessa näkyviä tuotteita?

Kirjaudu Instagramiin, nappaa trooppinen kuva tänään ja merkkaa se hashtagilla #hawaiiantropicfinland, ja olet mukana kilpailussa, jossa kolme onnekasta voittaa Hawaiian Tropic -tuotteita.

Voittajat valitsee Reddvillen ja Hawaiian Tropicin edustajista koostuva raati, joten luovuus ratkaisee paljon. Lisää kilpailusta voit lukea osoitteessa

Onnea matkaan!

This girl has to run now to get some Friday pizza, because Fat Life, but I try to be back on Sunday the latest. We're having guests over so I might not e online that much, but I'll carry the camera and phone around so you'll get to see peeks of what we're up to. See you soon!

Have a sunny weekend, everyone ♥


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    1. I'm warming up to them so much as well, I barely knew anything about them before! ♥


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