Fun In The Sun With A Bun ♥

Hello everybody!

How has your weekend been? ♥

We had fun time with our friends K & A, who were staying with us overnight. We went to Särkänniemi and ate out, after which we hang out at our place and played a board game. Simple and fun. The most awesome thing this weekend was hearing that two people we really, really love got engaged. I'm super happy for the couple and I can't wait to celebrate this with them in person. ♥

Today, however, I would really like to show you these pictures we took last month in Pori. I'm a couple of days behind my schedule, but I really hope you don't mind since this week was pretty hectic. Anyway, to the pictures:

 photo DSC01098Large.jpg photo DSC01105Large.jpg photo DSC01009Large.jpg

We were photographing in Herrainpäivät, which is a stunning area in Pori with lots of gorgeous nature. It felt like a totally different place out there, like we would've been on a mini vacation.

 photo DSC01023Large.jpg

The outfit I wore was very simple, though of course I went overboard with the accessories yet again. But that's me, you know.

 photo DSC01073Large.jpg photo DSC01077Large.jpg photo DSC01036Large.jpg photo DSC01091Large.jpg photo DSC01085Large.jpg photo DSC01039Large.jpg photo DSC01060Large.jpg

Shorts: Zara Core Denim Sheer vest: Seven Sisters Sneakers: Boohoo "Bitch" ring: Born Pretty Store Sunglasses: Primark Necklace: Gina Tricot Earrings: JC

That was a fun look to wear, and it actually photographed pretty nicely as well. I really wanna create more fun looks with that vest, even though the weather will be soon too cold to rock it.

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments below!

Now, I'm gonna finish my homework, and then I get to relax with some reading (blogs and a book as well). Tomorrow, I will bring you another outfit, so stay tuned for that. ♥

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. The pictures are stunning! It seems like a beautiful area, and it's a lovely outfit:)

    1. Thank you! The area really is gorgeous, it as wonderful to photograph in there! ♥

  2. Upee kuvauspaikka ja asu! Sifonkitoppi aivan ihana:3 ♥

    1. Kiitos! Tykkäilen hurjasti tuosta topista itsekin, kunhan vielä oppii vähän yhdistelemäänkin sitä kaikkeen :) ♥


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