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How are you all doing? ♥

I'm adjusting to the fact I don't have to go to work any time soon. Instead, I'm a full time student now - sure I might be more poor, but at least I have time for blogging, crafting, reading and of course studying. God bless the public libraries, right? Anyway, as I'm trying to get in the fall mood here in the blog, I need to try and get some summer outfits out of the way first. So, without further blabbering, I present you a very girly look I wore a while back.

 photo DSC01163Large.jpg photo DSC01192Large.jpg photo DSC01182Large.jpg photo DSC01168Large.jpg photo DSC01150Large.jpg photo DSC01187Large.jpg photo DSC01208Large.jpg photo DSC01159Large.jpg photo DSC01144Large.jpg

Dress: Bershka Shoes: Nelly.com Bracelets: H&M, a gift Ring: JC Necklace: Gina Tricot

Like I told you, way more girly than the things I usually wear. It's fun to go all the way girly girl every once in a while, and this dress is just perfect for it. I might try to make an edgy look out of this pretty soon, like a fall transition look or something. But for now, this will do.

Let me know what you think about this outfit in the comments below! ♥

Now, I gotta hop in bed with a tablet and a cup of decaf tea, end get some rest for tomorrow's school day. But, I'll be back tomorrow with another girly post.

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. i really love your dress! it's so adorable <3


  2. I love your turquoise ring.


  3. Aivan upea mekko! Nappivalinta tosiaan on turkoosi kaulakoru ja sormus;)

  4. You look lovely and very sexy in this dress!

    1. Aww, thanks dear! It's really one of the most feminine items I own :) ♥

  5. This is a beautiful look. I really love the floral dress.

  6. I'm a fan of dresses! So digging that floral dress.

  7. Heyy soo I absolutley love that floral dress and ive been searching everywhere to get it, its not on bershka anymore but i really want to purchase it, do you no what the name of the dress is so i could try search for it else where? thank you:)


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