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Heya everybody!

So, guess who had an interesting tech issue last night? That's right, me! I don't understand why, but my Chrome hates YouTube so much that it has to break off the sound every time I open a new tab, switch tabs, close tab etc. So I was trying to fix that and that's why I didn't get this post up. But I'll give you that now, if that's okay.

Today's post is just a simple outfit I wore for the first day back school, when I wanted something laid back and comfy.

 photo DSC01568Large.jpg photo DSC01598Large.jpg photo DSC01570Large.jpg photo DSC01590Large.jpg photo DSC01573Large-1.jpg

Knit: Boohoo Jeans: H&M Top: Primark Sneakers: Boohoo Bag: Mango Necklace: H&M

Simple look with tones of gray mixed with burgundy. I totally loved this combo and will probably wear something like this later on this fall. I'm so happy I get to show you the school looks now as I have photographed them for the three weeks I've already been in school. ;)

Let me know what you think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I will go enjoy the rest of the night with my boys, tomorrow I will absolutely take the time to write something for you as I feel the need to get my outfit posts out here. :)

Have a lovely weekend ♥

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  1. Such an amazing laid back look. Loving the colour of the top!


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