Born Pretty Store Autumn Haul ♥

Hello you guys!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm happy to tell that my project week is over, we didn't win anything except ourselves maybe, but it was pretty fun and all. Though I'm also relieved to get back to the normal school stuff and everything. Also, because it's snowy outside today, I'm hoping to get an outfit shoot done before we go grocery shopping today, because I think snow pictures tend to look so cute.

But today, I wanted to share this haul from few weeks back. I ordered these back in September, I think, but because of delivery time, Halloween madness and school, I only get to show these for you now. Hope it's any nice though - and I think at least most of these, if not all, are still available on Born Pretty Store.

Let's see what I got then, shall we?

 photo DSC02685Large.jpg

So this is the whole pile of things. Not whole lot of stuff, and they are very affordable as well, so I didn't feel too bad buying them. As you can see, it's mostly nail art stuff, so if you don't care about that, you better wait for the next post. ;)

 photo DSC02689Large.jpg

Firstly, I bought some rings and couple of cell phone accessories. With the cell phone stuff, my headphones will stay untangled and the bow is a dust plug. I think the bow is so cute with my penguin case, and I need to get a photo of that for you later on.

 photo DSC02690Large.jpg

I've never been that much into wearing watches, until lately in life, so I got these ones to sort of practice with. Though, like any fashion forward girl in the world, I do kind of dream of those designer watches, and will get one at least when I get a proper job.

 photo DSC02698Large.jpg

Some nail wraps for busy times (though when do I ever get so busy I can manage painting my nails? Never..

 photo DSC02701Large.jpg

And stickers and decals for easy decorating. If you dream about making different nails, but painting ain't your thing, I strongly recommend trying out water decals. They are easy to use and they last a long time when you just add a top coat. I can try to make a tutorial for that when I manage to make a proper set up. I would love to film some nail tutorials for you, if you guys are up for that!

 photo DSC02702Large.jpg

Hair chalk. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I have been loving these lately for more or less special occasions. I would kind of love to dye my hair, or at least the tips cotton candy pink, but so far I haven't dared to try that out. Should I go for it though?

 photo DSC02706Large.jpg

Then to the nail stuff. These diamond shape sequins looked so fabulous I couldn't pass them up. And I have seen amazing placement manis with them, so maybe when I have time, I might try something like that myself.

 photo DSC02717Large.jpg

"Animal print" studs, because you can't have too much animal print. Or studs, for that matter.

 photo DSC02718Large.jpg

Brightly colored jelly studs, as I'm a sucker for the bright colors on nails. I have never tried out this kind of studs before so I'm curious to see how they work.

 photo DSC02719Large.jpg

More studs, because I just need them so much. Or something.

 photo DSC02720Large.jpg

Black rhinestones in different sizes.

 photo DSC02721Large.jpg

Clear rhinestones, with normal finish and with a bit of a rainbow finish. Don't look too different to some, but I can personally see the difference clearly and that's enough for me. And you know, a girl needs diamonds. ;)

 photo DSC02723Large.jpg

Black rhinestones with colorful glaze on top. I love these and can't wait to try them!

 photo DSC02725Large.jpg

Huge wheel full of triangle studs ♥ You know why I love these, right?

 photo DSC02728Large.jpg

And last but not least, gold and silver foils. I've been dying to try these out for a while, and finally decided to by them. As you may have seen on Instagram, I have tried the gold one already and I loved it. More on that once I get the photos up on the blog! ♥

What do you think about my haul, and what would you think about nail art videos? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I need to get ready for the outfit pics and check out some F1 practice while I do so, but I'll talk to you as soon as possible. Love you all!

Have a fun weekend, dolls ♥

P.S. If any of these items, or anything else on Born Pretty Store is something you'd like to buy, please feel free use the code JVNT10 to get 10% off your purchase. 


  1. I've yet to try nail wraps but they seem really cool!

    1. I personally recommend them, they are such an easy way to get super cool nails. And there are so many designs out there! ♥


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