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How are you all today? ♥

I just started my Christmas break, and even though my exams didn't go quite as well as I hoped, I'm still feeling pretty good about all the school stuff. On this break, I need to tackle one essay and one other little task, but otherwise it's all relaxation and good time. Love it.

DSC04122 (Large)

So, the other day, I received my latest order from Head2Toe Beauty - all China Glaze yet again. I ordered bits and pieces from four different collections, and one staple color I always need. Below, I will be telling you a bit more about them.

DSC04124 (Large)

The staple piece I got is White On White. It's the perfect white for my nail art needs, as it doesn't have any noticeable undertones in it. This I would recommend to anyone searching for the right white for their nail art collection.

DSC04130 (Large)

On to the new ones. I got three shades from the The Giver limited edition collection. I love how China Glaze has themed collections for movies and such, and even if I haven't seen the movies. Like in this case. Seeing this gorgeous baby blue, Capacity To See Beyond, I simply had to get it. I have a ton of mints and such blues, but none like this. I can't wait to create something fun with this one after Christmas.

DSC04128 (Large)

Next one from The Giver collection is Five Rules, which is a pretty light shade that kinda reminds me of clay. So I guess it's safe to call it a light sort of gray with a bit of light brown to it? I'm so bad at describing colors so that's as close as I get.

DSC04126 (Large)

This glittery treasure, Boundary Of Memory, is a beautiful mixture of fine glitters. The shades of the glitters are gold, copper and black (or maybe like charcoal, I don't know) and they're all in a beautiful harmony inside the bottle. I've painted my toe nails with this right now, and it looks stunning and has a great coverage.

DSC04135 (Large)

And here are the swatches of the three. I didn't bother swatching White On White, as it is just a basic white, so forgive me. Ot of these, I think I love the glittery one the most, but on spring I'm probably feeling the blue more. I can't stick with a favorite color ever.

DSC04136 (Large)

Next up the two pieces I got from this years Halloween collection, Apocalypse Of Color. First of those, this super shiny glitter bomb called Rest In Pieces. It contains bar glitter and different sizes of hex glitter in holo gold, copper and black. Such a gorgeous polish, and I think it's perfect for many holiday manis. I'm kinda thinking of wearing this on New Year's over some nice dark shade, but we'll see.

DSC04137 (Large)

The other one is Getting To Gnaw You, a dark base with different sized fine hex glitter in it. This dries up so beautifully and covers the nail well. I do love it so much.

DSC04139 (Large)

Swatches for the Halloween polishes. I'm so much in love with the shiny glitter bomb here, and I can't wait to really getting to do something with it.

DSC04141 (Large)

Then three goodies from the All Aboard collection, which I think was kind of inspired by trains and travelling. And of course, as the nerd I am, my inner Sheldon Cooper got way excited about it. There were many colors I could've picked, but I decided to just got few now and maybe some later if I still feel like I need them. The first one I got this time is Loco-Motive, which is yet another glitter mix, with fine gray/light purple glitter and bit bigger coppery hex glitter. I love the color combo here, it's very unique.

DSC04142 (Large)

This one, Choo-Choo Choose You, is a tricky shade to describe, as the base is kind of a mixture of blue and purple, but the shimmer is a bit holographic and can reflect colors from pink to green. The picture here (or the swatch) doesn't really tell too much about the color really, but I promise you, it's pretty fascinating - even if it's a bitch to photo.

DSC04144 (Large)

And the third one, which is a beautiful navy blue color called One Track Mind. This is a gorgeous shade that was totally missing from my collection. I have been craving for a perfect navy shade and I think I jst may have found it.

DSC04147 (Large)

Here you have the swatches, and I don't know about you, but for me the most gorgeous color is the navy blue. 

DSC04150 (Large)

Then to the holiday collection picks. This year's holiday collection is called Twinkle and it consists of many stunning shades, of which I bought six. Yeah, I bought half a collection, and I'm thinking of getting some more later maybe. The first one I got is I'd Melt For You, which is a gorgeous opaque chrome color, and I'm totally sold for this beauty. It looks absolutely amazing on it's own, but I also really wanna use it on some fun nail art soon.

DSC04151 (Large)

Next is Dancing & Prancing, which is a beautiful multicolored glitter mix that is pretty much light pink, but it has a ton of other light colors there. I absolutely love how this looks!

DSC04154 (Large)

My possible favorite of the whole haul, De-Light, is a beautiful glitter mix containing different sized gold glitter and holo gold bar glitter in it. This is absolutely stunning shade, and it looks fantastic over many different colors, I bet. I'm picturing this over pretty dark shades so that the sparkles would show properly.

DSC04158 (Large)
Here are swatches, again I don't think they give enough justice to the actual colors, but this is pretty close.

DSC04159 (Large)

The troubled one from the collection is absolutely Chillin' With My Snow-Mies. It is a clear polish with different sized white hex glitter in it, and on nail, it pretty much resembles snow flakes and all. But what bothers me about this - and I've heard this from others too - is that when you do try to apply it, it's so hard to catch the glitters from all the clear base. It seems like there's a bit too much base and too little glitter, but otherwise I really, really love it. It looks great once you manage to get enough glitter out.

DSC04161 (Large)

Pine-Ing For Glitter is a perfect holiday glitter polish. It has a clear base and lots of fine glitter in a beautiful shade of tealish green. I absolutely adore this gem shade and I'm wearing it as I type. I'm thinking of making a weekend party mani with this in it. We'll see, though.

DSC04164 (Large)

Last, but certainly not least, is Meet Me Under The Stars. The name is pretty fitting, as this very much looks like a night sky with stars. It's very beautiful black polish with fine silver glitter in it. This is also something I would totally wear to parties later on.

20141215_115542 (Large)

And here you have the last swatches. I really think these all look amazing, and I'm so inspired to use them on my nails. Especially now that I have more time to do that.

What do you guys think about my haul? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I'm going to get a nice, long sleep, before waking up to my first break morning. I have a ton of fun things to do tomorrow, as we're going to attend to my cousin's graduation party on Saturday and things have to be ready before that. I'll talk to you again as soon as I can, though!

Have a fantastic weekend ♥


  1. This is totally polish heaven! One is more pretty than the other, my absolute favorite one is Boundary Of Memory.

    1. Thank you dear! Boundary Of Memory is really a gorgeous one, not my personal favorite maybe but stunning nevertheless. I'm hoping I can do it justice once I create something with it:) ♥

  2. All these colours look great. The sparkly ones are my favourites.

    1. Thanks honey! I'm totally into sparkly ones as well, as you probably know ♥


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