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I'm being super busy with school and everything (meaning I should be writing a report as we speak) so if I don't post too much, please don't hate me. I don't like writing in a rush, because then the quality takes so much damage. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Today, however, I have a haul with swatches for you. On Black Friday, I gave myself permission to spend a little money on beauty products, as I got £25 worth of products free when I spent that amount on the website. I had been dreaming about some of their products, so of course I used the chance. Here's what I got:

DSC03917 (Large)

Whole lot of stuff, I admit, but I'm more of a person that gets a lot at once, rather than buying one or two items at a time. If you like makeup, keep reading, but if not, wait for the next post. But let's get moving!

DSC03929 (Large)

Firstly, the one that broke in the mail. A freebie bronzing powder, Chocolate Shimmer. I fixed this one myself, as it was all shattered, and it still doesn't look too good, but it works nicely. I will be using this once I'm done with my current ones. 

DSC03936 (Large)

Another freebie, a mascara. I actually love this one quite much even though I usually use the blackest I can get, and this is only black brown. This is called Amazing Curl Mascara. It looks pretty natural with one or two coats, but builds up nicely after that and you can create great lashes with this.

DSC03937 (Large)DSC03951 (Large)

Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in lightest shade, as I am so freaking pale. I've wanted a product like this for a while, so when I had to get £6 worth more to my purchase to get the Black Friday gift, this was a sure choice. This felt nice on the skin, and it blends quite easily. Also, the shades go well with my skin tone, so I'm looking forward to using this more. Swatches below.

DSC03957 (Large)DSC03965 (Large)

And then the three things I actually went to buy. Iconic eye shadow palettes. First up, Iconic 1. For those who don't know, these are actually dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. So if you are a student like me, and paying a lot for makeup (even for the high-end ones) isn't necessarily your thing, I suggest you try these out. Or if you are unsure about the Naked shades, order one of these to test them out. I've seen these and Naked palettes swatched next to each other, and you can't really tell them apart. Iconic 1 features wearable neutral shades for your eyes, and this set really compliments any color. You can be sure I will wear these quite a lot in the future. Swatches below. 

DSC03968 (Large)DSC03971 (Large)

Next, Iconic 2. This is bit more shimmery than the first one, but full of colors that go together with the first palette. Again, I totally see myself wearing these shades a lot. Swatches below.

DSC03975 (Large)DSC03979 (Large)

Iconic 3, just like Naked 3, has more rosy colors than the other two. It's very romantic in my opinion, and I would definitely love making date looks with this palette. Swatches below.

DSC03980 (Large)DSC03987 (Large)

This was another gift, Mono Eyeshadow, shade Blow Your Whistle. Not necessarily something I would've bought myself, but it's a cool color and I will try to make a look with this one as well. The color payoff could be better here, but I think that could be fixed with a primer. Swatch below.

DSC03991 (Large)DSC03993 (Large)

Black Friday gift, I ♥ Makeup Go! palette. This is quite compact one with contour stuff (blush, bronzer, highlighter) and six eye shadows. Although I don't see the round palette as a great one to carry around with you, I need to say the shades are useful ones. I think you could make quite pretty looks with this palette very easily. Swatches below.

DSC03996 (Large)DSC03999 (Large)

A gift as well, I ♥ Makeup Go to Hell! palette. This is one with great shades for night time looks. I could see these used for sultry, smoky looks, although there are shades that could be used in everyday looks as well. I will be doing some looks with these, if not here, then at least on Instagram. Swatches below.

DSC04001 (Large)DSC04006 (Large)

And the last freebies, some lip glosses. It was fun to get these as they smell so nice, and one can always use a couple of glosses more in their storage. I hadn't tried out Makeup Revolution ones before this, so this was fun. Swatches below.

DSC04009 (Large)collage (Large)

I also swatched the lip products on my lips so you'd see kinda what they really look like. These are quick swatches in bad lighting (I'm a bad blogger, sorry guys!), but I was too excited to wait for a daylight time as I have such busy days on the weeks. But here are the three lighter shades (clear, nude, peach), and as you can see they don't differ much, nor do they look like much on the lips. The texture is pretty basic, and I think these are pretty nice.

collage1 (Large)

Red and pink, a.k.a. ones with more pigment. The red one is more transparent than I thought, but still a cute one. But the pink... Oh, the pink. It's bright, pigmented and amazing. I totally love it a lot, and I'm sure I will use it completely as I love the color so much.

DSC04039 (Large)

Atomic lipstick collection. I have seen these swatched and used in many beauty accounts, and I gotta say I was pretty excited to try them out. Especially the green one, because it seemed very cool. 

DSC04045 (Large)

From left to right: Serpent, Ruby, Magnificent, Make It Right and Make Me Tonight. In here, you can already see the color payoff could be even better, but as they are super affordable and build up kinda good, I think they do their job nicely. These I also swatched on my lips. 

collage2 (Large)

Magnificent - Make It Right

collage3 (Large)

Make Me Tonight - Ruby

DSC04092 (Large)

And lastly, Vamp lipstick collection. I have been wanting this since it launched, but only now bought it. These dark shades are pretty cool for all kinds of (fall/winter) looks, but also for themed looks like costumes and such. I was most drawn to the red, but as they sold this 3 for the price of 2, I figured I should get the whole collection.

DSC04094 (Large)

Left to right: Black Heart, Rebel With Cause, 100% Vamp. (And apologies if I mixed up the dark ones, as I managed to switch their caps a couple of times during photographing and I'm still not sure which is which. They look more different in some people's swatches, but I didn't get that out of them.)

collage4 (Large)

Rebel With Cause - 100% Vamp
Black Heart

So that's it, my massive haul for this Black Friday, although half of these were gifts that anyone who spent £25 around that time got. Hopefully this was any helpful, and if you'd like me to review any of these more closely - or to make a look with them, just let me know in the comments!

Have you ever tried any of Makeup Revolution's products, and how did you like them?

Now, I'm gonna go and write up a two-page report so that I will actually pass a class. Next time, I will be posting a regular outfit post, so it's not all cosmetics and hauls. Do not worry. Talk to you soon, my darlings!

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Great choices of lipsticks and I like the eye shadow palette

    1. Thank you doll! I love the palettes so much, I'm actually wearing Iconic 3 today ❤

  2. Wow! great haul! make up revolution has great products, love the eyeshadow palettes!


    1. They sure do! The eyeshadows are the best, but I like the lip products quite a lot as well :) ❤

  3. I LOVE the Iconic 3 palette! It's my go-to choice for the days I feel dead girly but I'm loving the coppery - glittery shade for the Christmas season at work right now.
    Brilliant post lovely!


    1. Thank you, I love the same one as it has so amazing girly colors. :) ❤

  4. Well, well, well, this is what I call a fantastic haul post! I love the colors of the eye shadow palates, each of them is exactly what I use.

    1. Thank you my dear! Glad you like it. I love the neutrals as well, as they go with any look :) ❤

  5. Looks like a great haul. The eyeshadow palette has some great colours.

  6. Thank you for sharing such an informative


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