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How are you all today? ❤

Yesterday I finally got many things sorted with both of my laptops - which is why I didn't have the time to blog. Today, I've been very much stuck with my management essay,  which is due tomorrow  morning so I'm getting it sorted tonight. Luckily that doesn't have to be long, but rather all facts and useful information, so I can write something proper in few hours. And if that isn't enough, I have another one due next Friday. And here I was thinking we are learning to do things here rather than just reading a ton of books. Wrong.

Anyway, today I really wanted to share a little crafting post with you. I saw these through some blogs and YouTube and really wanted to try them out.

DSC04429 (Large)

What am I talking about? Well, about these Japanese candy making sets. They're called Kracie Popin' Cookin', and there are many cute sets to choose from. I bought three of them, and in this post I'm telling you how the bento one worked for me. It sure looks cute and all!

DSC04430 (Large)

My first concern was seeing the instructions - which were all in Japanese. As I don't know the language, it was kinda hard to tell what they said. Luckily I had seen this been made in a video, so I had at least a tiniest idea of what I needed to do. But, for the sake of experimenting, I didn't watch it again for making this.

DSC04432 (Large)DSC04433 (Large)

So I got the decorations fixed, but then...

DSC04434 (Large)

There were a big pile of different colored packs. Again, absolutely no idea which is which, but at least they were kinda clearly color-coded. So off we go.

DSC04435 (Large)

Then began the mixing. The insides of the bags needed to be mixed with some water so that they would turn into candies.

DSC04438 (Large)

...and yes, these are candies. Little different looking than I'm used to. But surely they will taste good.

DSC04439 (Large)
DSC04440 (Large)

The rice candies had very different texture to them, which was pretty interesting.

DSC04444 (Large)

And the finished product looks like this. I'm pretty proud of it, even though it's not half as pretty as the one in front of the box. Was it tasty? Well, the tastes were different than what I'm used to, but eatable. The black "frosting" was the best part of the whole thing, sour and tasty. All in all I think it's worth of the few euros it costs, especially if you would either do one with a friend or a child, or if you would make it into a friendly contest of who can make a prettier one. I would totally recommend this!

Have you guys ever tried these? What did you think? Let me know down below ♥

Now, I'm gonna go get the essay finished, and then some quality time with my man before bed. Tomorrow is another fun project day, and I can't wait to see what we'll do there. Tomorrow, I will finally be posting some outfit pics, so I hope that will be something for you to wait for.

Have a fantastic day, you all! 


  1. awwww, I love these japanese foodies! They're so cute :)


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