First Plaid of the Year ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning, and after some chores, I thought it's time to blog a little. And for once, in appropriate hours, haha. Today I wanted to share this look from some days ago, when I  went very purple with my look.

collage3 (Large)DSC04530 (Large)
collage4 (Large)

Coat: Rukka Jeans: Gina Tricot/DIY Scarf: a gift from my dad Plaid shirt: from my mom Top: Primark Necklace: Gina Tricot Ring: H&M

I really liked how this look was a bit different. I could've done more grunge kind of makeup and shown you also the combat boots I wore, but I promise you that later this year you will be seeing few more this kind of things on the way. And don't worry, I had tights underneath so I didn't get cold.

What do you guys think about this look?

I'm going to go finish a knitting project now, but I'll talk to you soon darlings!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. I love this look, just discovered your blog and I like it :)

  2. DYING right now! I love the plaid {purple is such a fun change-up}, but your lips! Le sigh...that color is divine on you girl!


    1. Thank you honey! I have been loving purple a lot lately - it's growing on me after using so much burgundy/oxblood for a couple of F/W seasons ;) Nice to know you like the lips! ♥

  3. Toi violetti huulipuna on kyllä niin hieno!

    1. Kiitos ihana! Oon tykännyt kokeilla uusia värejä huulille viime aikoina :) ♥

  4. Love the ripped jeans and I like this look my dear!!

    1. Thanks doll! I can't wait for the warmer weather so that I can wear my rock stuff more :) ♥

  5. Plaid is one of my favourite pieces to wear. I've been wearing a lot of it this year so far. And so much love for that ring!

    1. Thank you! The ring was such a great sales find. I love plaid so much as well, I'm hoping to score more that print on flea markets this year. ♥

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