Chevron In Two Ways ♥

Hello everyone!

How are you all? ♥

I've been keeping myself busy with school work, cleaning and cooking today, and I've been loving every minute of it. Though I'm just as grateful to get to go out to lunch meeting with our project crew tomorrow. I feel lucky to be working alongside such amazing group of people, and I must say I'm more into this school assignment than I ever imagined I would be. Even if it takes up loads of my time and energy. It's completely worth it.

Today, I really wanted to share some nail designs with you. These two include chevron print, which is something I would love to use more when  do more simple designs. But you know how I like to go kind of overboard with these as well as with accessories. See below for the pictures!

DSC04653 (Large)

First up is a kind of classic color combo of pink, white and gold. Very girly, and actually something I liked more than I thought I would. I was trying to also create chevron with glitter, but that wasn't as much of a success as I had hoped. But practice makes perfect so I guess I just need to try again until I nail it (pun indented).

DSC04668 (Large)DSC04664 (Large)

The chevron print was done with the help of Nail Vinyls, since I would never have a hand steady enough to create straight lines for this.

DSC04660 (Large)

The polishes I used for this mani were China Glaze Goldie But Goodie, White On White and Feel The Breeze, and Essie Rock At The Top. The diamond shaped glitters are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC04674 (Large)DSC04695 (Large)

The other mani was kind of created by accident as the one seen above totally shed the glitters of the next day after applying. I'm pretty sure I did something wrong there, but I fixed it with a new mani. I left the painted chevrons and the cold nail on, and just replaced the colorful ones. I went for the easy go-to look, which for me is the glitter gradient. (I feel that's always a safe choice.)

DSC04718 (Large)DSC04705 (Large)

The polishes are same as above, just replaced the pink (Feel The Breeze) with China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond. The glitter polish is the Essie one mentioned above.

DSC04701 (Large)

So if you ever wonder what I do if a part of a manicure falls apart way early, or a part I like lasts longer than I thought, this is it. I try to make something new out of it (or around it, whichever you prefer).

DSC04719 (Large)

So what do you guys think about these? And do you like either one better? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm going to spend some time with my man before bed. Tomorrow I need to be all energetic and ready for the project stuff, so I try to get some sleep nice and early for a chance to do some morning workout before the lunch meet. But I'll be back soon, with something non-nail-related stuff. ;)

Have a fantastic day, dolls! ♥


  1. Le sigh...these are both so gorgeous. I think I, maybe, like the first one more; but it's so hard to choose!


  2. [ Smiles ] I love what you did with your nails. Cool designs!

  3. omg gorgeous!

  4. So amazing. Chevron is one of my favourite prints. I love it with the blue and sparkles.

    1. Thank you honey! It's one of my favorites as well ♥

  5. I love them! I need to get some of those Chevron stickers to do my nails

    Giselle | Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams

    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend getting those stickers, they make manicures to easy! ♥


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