Sunny Day ♥

Hello darlings!

Happy International Women's Day ♥

I've had such a wonderful weekend with my fiance and it finally starts to feel like spring here! I'm so excited to get warmer weather and better photo shoot chances, as it's been a bit of a struggle to get outfit pics taken due everything. And for the warmer day it's pretty suitable to post these sunny pictures we got to take last month.

DSC05020 (Large)DSC05046 (Large)DSC05051 (Large)DSC05021 (Large)DSC05039 (Large)DSC05053 (Large)DSC05034 (Large)

Coat: Boohoo Sweater: Boohoo Scarf: secondhand Skirt: secondhand Belt: Mango Leggings: Seppälä Boots: SpiritStore Bag: Mango Sunglasses: H&M

Mixing some prints here with the skulls and floral skirt, and I really liked the result. I've been seriously obsessed with that scarf lately, so don't mind if you see that quite a bit in my outfits this spring. I can see it fitting in perfectly with leather jackets, which I can't wait to wear soon! Anyone else excited for spring?

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

For once, I have done all the school things for tomorrow, so I can actually focus on relaxing for the rest of the night. I will do my nails for the start of the week and catch up with Pretty Little Liars so that I don't get big spoilers every time I open my Twitter. Talk to you again soon though! 

Have a lovely day ♥

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  1. Such an amazing look. I really love the colour of the lip colour. It reminds me of Spring.


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