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Hey everyone!

How are you today? ♥

I'm currently trying to get a marketing task done while also working on 3 other things. So what better time to take a minute to write a blog post? Not really, but I needed a break from the school stuff and writing felt like a good idea. I apologize for having such a long while between posts, but try to be patient with me for three weeks or so. After that, I will be focusing on my internship, which leaves my evenings and weekends free because I don't have to take any of the work home with me. So even though I will not be having a summer vacation, I will be more relaxed than at the moment.

Today, I wanted to share an outfit post from few weeks back. I was trying to create a sort of transition look from winter to spring.

DSC05240 (Large)DSC05249 (Large)

Coat: secondhand Scarf: Cubus

DSC05276 (Large)DSC05257 (Large)DSC05271 (Large)DSC05261 (Large)

Jeggings: secondhand Blazer: H&M Top: Bershka Boots: SpiritStore Necklace: gift from a friend

So I was for once actually dressing in sort of a girly way and not in all black or grey. (Even if there's still quite a lot of both there.) I liked wearing the floral top with the blazer, as their styles are so different that it actually creates some contrast there. I tried to make the look even more girly with the adorable necklace my friend got me a while back. And do you notice how my nails kinda match the look?

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below! ♥

Now, I will go and finish my tasks so that I can happily go dining with my dad and boyfriend tonight. I totally need a relaxing meal to ease my mind about the school stress. That or exercise, and I think I will save the exercising for tomorrow. (If you are interested in hearing about my workout routine, let me know so I can start planning a post for that!) Anyway, I will be back pretty soon as I have my weekend wide open and actually have the time and energy to write. 

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. The scarf is so pretty. Looks great with the rest of the look. Wearing colour suits you so well.

    1. Thanks sweetie! I do love wearing colors when it gets more sunny outside ♥


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